Poppit Bakery Playset

We love to get hands on in our house and 1 of the children's favourite things to play with is play dough and modelling clay. A few weeks ago we received the Poppit Bakery Playset for review, it looked like a fab rainy day activity or during the summer holidays.
With Poppit, you can create a miniature world around you that looks so real! All you have to do is load the popper with clay, pop out your piece and then use it to create cute mini creations. The bakery playset makes 12 creations and comes with numerous different moulds and clay colours for children to become as inventive as possible. With the Poppit Bakery Playset, they can open their own miniature bakery in no time!
The set comes with lots of different types of moulds, standard moulds, 3d moulds and detail moulds. You also get a scraper, a detail stamp, 3 colours of clay, glitter pens, sprinkles and your poppit machine to make your creations. Also included in the kit is a fab cake display stand, a cake fridge display and a lovely poppit box that you can display some of your creations in.
You attach your choice of mould to your poppit  and fill with clay, scrap over the top of the mould to flatten down and then squeeze your poppit. This is the point in which you clay mould should pop out of the poppit, but no matter how we tried we couldn't get the clay to come out of the poppit. We had to remove them by hand, which squashed them a little bit. The children found it very frustrating that their creations wouldn't come out, so I gave it a go and gave it a good squeeze, but even I couldn't get the clay to pop out of the end. We got round it though and got to make some great looking creations. The children loved adding sprinkles and glitter to their cakes. I love how creative they can be, they can add different colours and make different shaped cakes. They really enjoyed making some cakes and displaying them in the stands and cabinets.
The set retails at £19.99, the pieces are all really good quality, but once you have made your bakery treats you can't reuse the clay. So you are only getting 12 makes for your £20 spend, so it's not great value for money. Also the fact we couldn't get the poppit action to work was frustrating, so it wasn't a resounding success here. Having said that the children did love it and they made some fab creations, with a little help from us! The whole Poppit range is available from Tesco and suitable for ages 4 and up.
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*I was sent the Poppit Bakery Set in exchange for a review, all opinions, however, are my own and 100% honest.

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