Peppa Pig Summer Bundle Review

If you follow my Youtube channel you may have seen our unboxing of our Peppa Pig summer toy bundle. We very very fortunate to be chosen as Peppa Pig summer bloggers and were sent a box of fab Peppa Pig products to get us through the school holidays.
 Party Time Race Game - £9.99
This is a perfect game for the whole family to play, it suitable for ages 4+ and for between 2 and 4 players. It is Suzy sheep's birthday and you have to race around the board to get to her party, but you can't get in unless you have the invitation. You only get the invitation if you land on that square on the board. The boys enjoyed playing the game, they are so competitive! We have played it several times since and they have both managed to win a game. You can see us playing in the video clip below.
 Peppa Goes Around The World - £6.99
We love books and have a large collection of Peppa books, a lot are the cardboard books for when Mr C was little. He really liked this book and reading about the different places Peppa's friends lived in. She flies around in her aeroplane visiting each place.
 Peppa Nautical Duvet Set - £24.99
I love this duvet cover it's so bright and colourful and it is really soft. It's reversible, one side has Peppa and George sailing the ocean waves and the back has white polka dots. We put this on Miss S's bed and it goes perfectly with her room decor.
 Reversible Travel Pillow - £14.99
When we took this out of the box we thought it was just a travel cushion, until we read the label. It is a comfy travel cushion, which will be perfect for our holidays. If you undo the zip out pops a rather flat looking George! You need to shake all the polystyrene balls into the George and close the zip and you have a big cuddly George to play with. Mr C thought this was ace, you can see him demonstrating how it works in the video below.
 R/C Inflatable Peppa - £24.99
This is a great one for keeping the kids active, they can spend hours chasing Peppa around the house. This inflatable Peppa comes with a remote control to make her go forwards and backwards. You need to blow Peppa up first and insert 2 batteries into her and 4 into the control unit. Mr C had hours of fun with her, chasing her around. She comes with her own puncture repair patch in case she gets a hole, but the rubber seems good quality, she's been sat on in our house and survived!
Campervan Shape Sorter - £15
This is perfect for your younger Peppa fan and my little niece will love it! A wooden campervan with sliding roof and 8 wooden shapes to fit inside. It's extremely well made and the chunky shapes are a nice size for little hands to grip. Mr C gave it a little go for me and enjoyed having a play, I know my baby niece will love it even more though. It's really bright yellow so eye catching and each of the wooden shapes are a different colour. It's great for teaching shape and colour recognition.
Water Filled Muddy Puddle - £12.99
Any Peppa fan will know all about jumping up and down in muddy puddles,so this is perfect for a no mess way to have some fun. The ring is inflatable and you half fill it with water and seal, it is then ready to be played with. You flip the may over and when the child jumps up and down the water moves around, it makes a splashing noise and they really think they are jumping in a puddle. The bonus being there is no mess the clear up afterwards!

We had lots of fun playing with all of our Peppa Pig toys, you can see the children playing with them all below.
Do you have a Peppa fan in your house? Would they love any of these toys in particular or do they already have a favourite Peppa toy?
Thanks For Reading
*We were sent all of the above toys for inclusion in the post, all opinions remain our own

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