Keeping My Blogging Life In Check

If there is 1 thing I love it's a good diary and notebook, being a blogger means I have a lot lying around the house. I have notebooks for shipping, a personal diary, a work diary, a college diary and a load of writing pads! I always have room for a new shiny one though and the team over at Toad Diaries have sent me 1 of their brand new blog planners.
The front cover has a plastic protective cover over, which is great as I  have 4 children bobbing around so you never know when your going to get a spillage! The book is spiral bound, so turning the pages is really easy.

Thr first page is simply a space to write you name, the back of the front cover is just full of quotes and words, it's really colourful and eye-catching. The next 2 pages are for you to write you vital information onto, this is handy for most bloggers. I have lots of social media accounts and they all have different passwords, so its handy to have somewhere to write them down.

There is a handy section for contacts, your email inbox isn't the most reliable place to keep all those important pr details, so to have somewhere dedicated to write them down is great. The next page has got to be my favourite page, it's a blog stats list. I like that the date section is blank so I can fill it in myself. So whether I want to record my stats daily, weekly or monthly I can see them at a glance. There are sections for 6 of my social media channels.
The actual diary part of the planner is all blank so I can start using it whenever I want to and just fill the date in. It has a to-do list for the day, which has plenty of bullet points on and the top half of the page is where I can write my highest priority tasks down. I like that its split as some days I have a huge list of things, but some are more important than the other, so I can jot them down at the top of my page.
The second page of the daily dairy section is dotted lined, this means I can box of things I need to do. It's for notes and creative ideas. You can join the dots and make boxes as big or small as you like and note your ideas. You can also use the dots as line guides and write your ideas down. The very end of the book is a general notes section, these pages are yellow, so it's easy to flick to them from the front of the planner.
This is the perfect planner for keeping my blog planner in check, but then I expected nothing less from Toad Diaries. They have diaries and planners for all your needs no matter how quiet or busy your life is, you can even custom design your own diary. Make sure you pop over to the website via the clickable link above and check out the designs available from just £9.99.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the planner free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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