It happens to us all - Honestly it does!

I have 4 children, 3 of them were natural deliveries and the final pregnancy ended in an emergency c section. I am the first to admit that my bladder isn't the same as it was, pregnancy and childbirth really take it out of you, especially your bladder! One of my babies weighed a whopping 9lb 7 ounces and it is since then that my bladder hasn't been right! There is no way I can bounce on a trampoline anymore and I dread having any kind of a cough.
My Whopping 9lb 7oz Baby Girl Miss S
There seems to be taboo to talk about bladder weakness and incontinence, but its something that most of us suffer from and are too embarrassed to talk about. I always remember after having Mr L the midwives banging home the reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises, I didn't pay much attention first time round and I was mortified when I had a coughing fit and peed myself. By the time I got to baby number 3 I as religiously doing them! Luckily your bladder is a muscle like any other, so exercise it and it can strengthen. Luckily for me aside from ruling out bouncing and having an awful cough, my bladder has managed to right itself. The last thing you want to do is carry around lots of changes of clothes and underwear in your handbag, so you could consider some discreet incontinence products. There is a range of products to suit no matter what type of bladder weakness you have. You can then carry on your day worry free of any little accidents that may happen.  I think it's important to remember our bodies are amazing and they go through a lot to carry our beautiful bundle, so if I leaky bladder is all I have to content with, then I will take that every time. Pregnancy-related incontinence is usually only temporary but there are things you can do to prevent it, do your pelvic floor exercises, keep weight gain minimum as the extra lbs put pressure on your bladder, avoid citrus, tomatoes, soft drinks and alcohol as they can irritate your bladder and lastly try and avoid constipation as the pressure of a full bowel can add pressure to your bladder. The most important thing to remember is it does happen to all of us at some point in our lives, don't be embarrassed about it!
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  1. Good blog, as incontinence is something which can happen to us. Yet very few people talk about how it impacts on life, and how to deal with it. If more people could share how they managed the condition, others may benefit from being prepared for the possibility. They would be enabled to deal with the issue whilst carrying on with other aspects of their life.

    Rachel Craig

  2. yes it can be terrible and after three children I had to fight it to! luckily these days the products are so discreet and reasonably priced.

  3. Well done for speaking out
    So many people have this problem and wontctalk about it because of embarrassment

  4. I appreciate all the advice you have given here. It should certainly help a lot of people.

  5. Great post. Love the food tips had never looked into that side of it :-) x


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