How To Boost Your CV Whilst On Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is time well-spent getting to know you long-awaited for addition to the family. For many parents, however, it can also be a time in which they can boost their CV, ready for return to work, whether that is your current role or whether you decide to apply for another job.
Maternity leave is never wasted. This is important family time and not something you should hide or cover up on your CV. The days of employers marking down applicants because they took time off to raise a family should be long gone.
It is a great time, however, to look at your career and assess where it is heading. Having a family to provide and care for changes perspective for many people thus, as you finally get a few spare minutes as your new born takes a nap, consider these ideas for boosting your CV whilst on maternity leave…

#1 Upskill!
Continuing your education with distance learning courses is a great way to spend your parts of maternity leave. It could be a ‘hobby’ course, or you may take the option of upskilling in a certain area of your work. Having a baby around means finding babysitters, relying on them on a weekly or even a daily basis if you choose to go back to college. Whilst this is a welcome change of scene, it can be tough to commit to class. With home or distance learning courses, you study when you have the time to do so, at a time that suits you and in the vast majority of cases, the courses are far more affordable too. There are hundreds of courses on offer and you can choose to pay in one lump sum, or set affordable monthly payments.
Working your way through a home study course is a fantastic CV move but it shows more than a qualification; it shows you are organised and committed, and can be disciplined to meet targets and goals. Which home study course would you choose?

#2 Stay Relevant
On one hand, maternity leave is a great time to switch off from work on concentrate on you and your family. But what can quickly show on a CV is when you have not kept up to date with changes, improvements and evolutions in the sector in which you work. There are many ways of staying relevant and up to date:
  • Create A LinkedIn Profile – network online with other professionals and stay in touch with what if happening.  
  • Network – there is nothing to say that you cannot attend the odd networking event every now and then. But with both these points, it is important to highlight them on your CV.

#3 Volunteer
There are many charities and community groups who need the time and services of volunteers. Volunteering for local projects is not just a CV move for students either!
Getting involved with a meaningful cause is not just about your CV but a great way to restore some balance in life too. Depending on your skill set, you could be instrumental in pushing on a charity so that it grows, meaning it is able to support more clients and so on.

#4 Return To Work Part Time
The point of returning to work can be incredibly stressful which is why many people rather than walking away from a career and taking a hiatus for a few years, return to work part time.
Many people think that this sends the wrong signal when people examine your CV. On one hand, you want to take time away from work but on the other, you want to remain part of the career or sector that you truly love. This highlights on your CV your ability to balance work and family commitments, but also remain a professional within your field.

#5 Keep It Professional
Clearly, you have a family, you are a parent and you have commitments and although these are the most important aspects of life, most employers expect to see a high level of professionalism in the layout of the CV, its content and so on. Covering letters also need to be professional and in keeping with the industry or sector in which you work.

In Summary
By learning new skills or enjoying a home study course, you are showing all kinds of qualities and attributes. Staying in touch with the ever changing landscape of your career industry is important too and there is nothing stopping you from networking or volunteering during maternity leave either.

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