Fireman Sam Pontypandy Fire Station Review

Everyone loves Fireman Sam, don't they? he has been around forever! I remember watching it with my little brother who is now 19. Mr C is 5 and he still loves to watch Fireman Sam, it's 1 of his all time favourite shows. We got a very exciting delivery last week, the fab Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station, it goes perfectly with our Ocean Rescue Playset and Diecast vehicles we reviewed last year. The Pontypandy Fire station costs £39.99 and available from Character Online
Fireman Sams station burned down in 2015 and he has a brand new one that is seen in the tv series. This toy is the new fire station seen on the tv, so your child will love reenacting their favourite shows with it. This is Mr C's favourite thing to do, he loves imaginative play and reenacting his favourite episode, the fire station in packed with features.

This set is portable, thanks to the great carry handle on the top of the station. There is absolutely no building required, you can simply take it out the box and begin playing. The set comes with Sam & Elvis, a test dummy for practising rescues, a ladder, fire extinguisher, fire bucket and electronic console. All the pieces can be used around the playset, allowing them to do whatever they like with it. The electronic console says lots of different phrases when you press the button. It also lights up and tells you whether it is an engine, boat or helicopter rescue that is required. The main station doors open up concertina style and the 2 other doors open also. The turntable on the middle of the station is a maintenance lift and ramp, so if you own a Jupiter engine you can do some maintenance to your vehicle.
Mr C liked the free play element of the playset, he likes play to be unrestrictive. You can move all the pieces of this playset, so it provides that element for him. He enjoyed the noisy electronic console and making up imaginary rescue missions with Sam and Elvis. I liked that all the pieces are well made and have lots of detail and brightly coloured. Mr C particularly love the fireman's pole, he struggled a little to get the figure attached to the pole, but he got there after a few attempts.
We really like the fire station and think its a must have for any Sam fan. It's perfect if you already own some of the other playsets as you can extend your play opportunities with it. Its really well made, so worth the spend and the fact its the same as the station in the show means your child will love it. You can get this playset and all the others in the range from Character Online.
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*I was sent the above playset for the purposes of review, all opinions remain my own.

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