ChillFactor IceCream Magic Tray

Now that we are supposedly in the midst of summer we need ways to cool the children down. We reviewed the fab ChillFactor drinks bottle last year and still use it to make ice cold drinks right away. We have been sent another fab ChillFactor prodcut to try out this summer, the ChillFactor IceCreamMagic Tray.
The Ice Cream Magic Tray creates ice cream in minutes! Mix your ingredients in the included jug then pour onto the frozen metallic plate. Stir and scrape with the spatula to churn, and within seconds, you will have soft serve ice cream.
The set all slots into the purpose built red mould, it has spaces for all your utensils, your magic tray, your jug and a cover area for your toppings. You do need to pre-chill your magic tray before you can make your ice cream. You need to make a freezing solution using 270ml of luke warm water and 30grams of table salt. Pour this into the back of the magic tray and place in the freezer for 4 hours. The set doesn't come with anything you need to make your ice cream, you will need some double cream, syrups if you want to flavour your ice cream, toppings and wafers if you want them. You will also need a bowl to put your ice cream into as there isn't 1 supplied.
You pour the cream on the magic tray and use your scraper to pull the cream back and forward, you will see it instantly start to set. It gets a bit stuck to the bottom of the tray and really needs a firm push to get it up, Mr C who is 5 couldn't manage it, but Mr D did just fine.
Once set you transfer your ice cream to a bowl/tub, you can then mash up some biscuit for toppings or even cut some fruit to add to the top of your ice cream. Both of the boys easily managed to crush their biscuits and cut the fruit with the provided utensils.
The only thing left for the boys to do was give their creations a try and tell me what they thought of their creations. They both enjoyed the small tastes of ice cream they were able to make.
Both of the boys definitely enjoyed playing wth this set and enjoyed the creative side of it, but for me, it just didn't hit the mark. The set retails at £20, which is quite expensive, when you open the box you find you need double cream ,syrups, sprinkles etc. It does say on the front no bowl included but I do think for £20 they could throw 1 in. I also think the pictures on the box are quite misrepresentative of the end product. To be able to make a cone full of ice cream you would need to keep scrapping for hours. Just 1 pour of cream on the magic tray produce only a small amount of ice cream, not enough for  cone and only just enough for a taste. I would also recommend cutting your fruit and crushing your biscuit beforehand and the ice cream melts really quickly. We made a video of Mr C making his ice cream for you to see.
You can purchase this set from ChillFactor Icecream Magic Tray for £19.99 from Character Online.
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*We were sent the IceCream maker for the purpose of an honest review

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