Ben & Holly Summer Bundle

If you follow us on Youtube you may have seen our unboxing video of the Ben & Holly summer bundle. If you don't we have been sent a fab box of toys to review and keep us busy over the summer holidays. They have been a great distraction during all this awful weather we have been having. We have had the toys a few weeks and would love to now tell you some more about them.
Princess Holly Carry Case & Bens Adventure Case - £12.99
The kids loved this, mainly because they had 1 each, so there were no arguments over who got to play. Both cases have a carry handle and snap fasten close, they are both filled with Ben or Holly goodies for some great imaginative play. The Holly case contains a headband, ring, necklace and a magic wand, the Ben case contains a treasure chest, 5 gold coins, a magic horn and a compass. Miss S loved wearing the headband and acting like Holly and Mr C drove us demented with the horn, it's his favourite part of the show when Ben announces he's Ben elf and blows his horn!
 Ben & Holly Rucksack - £10
There may be a bit of squabbling over this bag as both Mr C and Miss S want it! I have a feeling that Mr C will forget about it quicker. It is currently in Miss S's bedroom with the mini figures inside. The bag is a really good size and has 2 adjustable straps. The love heart shape on the front is also zip closing and ideal for your smaller items. The whole outside of the bag is wipeable, so it's really easy to keep clean.
 Collectable 5 Figure Pack - £9.99
Miss S is all about collectables and love figurines so she has claimed this 5 pack for herself. Each of the figures comes with its own display stand that they can stand on. The detail on the figures is really good and the colours really rbight. They are perfect for using with the space rocket for some extended imaginative play, I love the addition of Garston, he is Mr C's favourite character.
 Ben & Holly DVD - £9.99
This DVD is perfect for all the awful rainy days we have been experiencing, it has a running time of 112 minutes. It has 10 different episodes on the DVD, the children really love Gastons Birthday episode, poor Gaston has never had a party, so King Thistle says he can have a party. They also love Big Ben and Holly when a spell goes wrong.
 Elf Rocket - £19.99
Blast Ben off into space in his space rocket and you can hear the takeoff and landing sounds in the rocket. The rocket also has 4 different phrases and torch light wth flashing mode. The door opens and closes for you to put Ben inside and you can rotate the jelly fuel around. Mr C enjoyed playing with the rocket and loved the flashing torch on the top. He loved the rocket sounds and zooming around the lounge with Ben in the rocket.
Silly Spells Holly - £24.99
This was a big hit with the children, Holly says her silly spells and her cheeks light up in different colours. The colour of her cheeks is dependant on which spell she says. You move her wand back and forth and she says her spells. She is perfect for your younger Ben and Holly fans as she is really soft and cuddly.

We have had fun discovering the delights inside our summer bundle and it will help fill our wet summer days. All of the above toys are available on Amazon and Argos. Does your little one love Ben and Holly? What would be their favourite item be from the bundle?
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*We were sent the above items for the purpose of review, all opinions remain my own.

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