A New Chapter For Me

The last 13 years I have had 1 title, MUM, my time has been filled with caring for the children. Mr L was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and from that moment I put all of me into fulfilling his needs. He was a difficult toddler, troublesome preschooler and then once he hit the education system it just snowballed. Doing anything for myself was difficult when I wasn't fighting for what he needed I was catching up on sleep that I didn't get when he was awake all night! Mr D was born when Mr L was 3 and Miss S arrived just 14 months later, followed by Mr C 3 years after then. During that time we have had 2 other autism diagnoses and 1 suspected autism case. The diagnoses meant more fighting with the system to get what my children need, balancing 1 child's needs against another child's needs and basically being on the treadmill that is being a Mum.........

You then wake up 1 day and realise that although being a Mum is the best thing in the world I want to do something for me! All of the past 10 years has been about them, it had to be about them, it's what they needed, being a parent is all consuming, but being a special needs parent is so much harder. You just don't have time to do anything for yourself. I have been saying for years that I would like to train as a teaching assistant. My children have had some amazing teaching assistants, without them they wouldn't have got through the education system. This was the main motivator for me wanting to train, I know I can be a good TA, I want to give something back and maybe help a child as much as they have helped mine.
So I finally did it, last week I officially enrolled as a student and starting September I will be going to college twice a week and doing 2 days a week placement at the school. By July next year I will be qualified level 2 teaching assistant and hopefully if I pass the exam a level 2 maths as well. I did maths as a GCSE but fell a little short with a D grade, most employers look for a C or above, so that why I am doing my maths again. I'm excited and a little apprehensive about going back to college, the placement doesn't faze me at all, I have already been volunteering for the past year at school, so I know the staff and the layout. I have bought my own copies of the textbooks and ordered a haul of stationary (any excuse to buy new stationary)! It's time to start a new chapter for me!
Thanks For Reading
  1. Well done to you for enrolling
    I'm sure you will make a fabulous teaching assistant
    Probably find maths much easier now once you get into the swing of learning again

  2. Well done on enrolling and best of luck in your new career.

  3. Good luck in your new chapter - I'm sure you will excel in your new role!

  4. Wow well done you for making that move! Hope you enjoy it and it brings you lots of happiness and rewarding times x


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