Weigh In & Gravitate Review

The weight loss posts haven't been as frequent as they should have been and that's partly because I have been trying a few different things. The 1 thing that has been consistent for the last month is me taking Gravitate nutrition supplements.
The 30-day nutrition system is in 2 parts comprising of 1 supersculpt tablet 3 times a day and 1 dietvit tablet per day. Gravitate was designed with 3 goals in mind, to be the most effective non-prescription weight loss supplement, to be safe, natural & side effect free and finally to be simple and easy to take. Gravitate uses GMP standard, high-quality weight loss ingredients which are clinically proven to provide weight loss results. The supersculpt and dietvit work together to target your weight loss in all areas. 
Glucomannan is a natural fibre found in the root of the konjac plant. Glucomannan is clinically proven to help with weight loss by suppressing your appetite and thus making you feel full. It does this in two ways. Firstly, it fills your digestive tract by swelling up and secondly, glucomannan can slow down the rate at which sugars and carbohydrates are absorbed through the gut. I found these really easy to take, I at first found it difficult to remember to take them before I ate food. I got into the habit of setting an alarm on my mobile to remind me. The morning dose was really easy to remember as I took them as soon as I got up in the morning. Being busy on the day meant I occasionally forgot to take them. You have the option of taking 1 or 2 supersculpt capsules, but it is recommended to start with just 1, you must take them with 1-2 glasses of water 15 - 60 minutes before you eat.
The diet vits just have to be taken 1 tablet once a day at any time with a glass of water. I found these tablets a bit harder to take due to the size and powdery texture. I felt like they got stuck in my throat every time I took them, I did get used to them though and managed to take them for the full 30 days. They are packed full of essential vitamins that work in harmony with the supersculpt to give you the best results.
So on to the important bit! What did Gravitate do for me over the 4 weeks I was trialling it for? I lost a combined total of 11lbs, 2lbs the first week, 3lbs the second week, 2lbs the third week and 4lbs the last week. I could have probably lost 4lbs each week if I had stuck to my plan strictly over the 4 weeks. But I am happy with the amount. I would happily carry on taking the supplements as I had no negative side effects from taking them. The 30 day supply I trialled retails at £34.99 and are availble to buy from the Gravitate Nutrition Website.
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*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. That's not bad -should be really happy with the result

  2. same sort of thing as the Forza Hydratrim you tired out. did you lose off your waist too with these?


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