The Original Stretch Armstrong

I am always telling my boys to stop fighting over toys, they are forever on the sofa wrestling over a toy and I get tired of hearing my own voice telling them to stop! I was dreading the summer holidays as I knew it would be a regular occurrence, but luckily for me Character Online have sent us The Original Stretch Armstrong for review.
The Original Stretch Armstrong was first marketed in 1977 over 40 years ago, I remember my older brother having one and was always amazed by his stretchy toy. Character have relaunched the retro toy in 2016 and gone back to his roots with his traditional style and unique styling. His classic head sculpt, square jaw, blond locks and body building trunks make him look truly retro.
The first thing I noticed about stretch when I unboxed him is just how heavy he was, I wasn't expecting him to be so heavy! Every single part of his body can be stretched and contorted, you can tie him in knots, twist him up and just have a good pull n his arms and legs. The boys really enjoyed being able to wrestle over a toy and not be told to stop! Only time will tell if this will come back to bite me!
You know a toy is boy proof when it boasts that it can stretch to 4 times its regular size and then go back again. My boys put this to the test and stretched him to within an inch of his life and he survived. Luckily for stretch, he is back to his regular size and having a bit of a break from all that pulling and tugging. He is a great toy, especially for Mr D, he has Aspergers and sometimes gets frustrated and stretch is perfect for taking his frustrations out and calming him down. The Original Stretch Armstrong retails at £19.99 and is available to buy now from the clickable link above.
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*We were sent the above for an honest review, all opinions & photos are my own.

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