Shuffle Twister Review For Rainbow Toy Awards

I was lucky enough to be selected as a reviewer for The Rainbow Toy Awards again this year. This week our very first review test item arrived in the post and it was an old favourite but in a new way. The boys were very eager to get it opened and reviewed.
We absolutely love the game twister, it is always bound to raise a giggle when you play! We have been sent Shuffle Twister, which will be perfect for travelling. Shuffle Twister is priced at £6.99 and available from Amazon. It comes in a handy resealable red case that would fit nicely in your pocket or travel bag.
It's really easy to lay once you get the hang of it, it's very similar to how you play regular twister, but without the need for a board. It suitable for up to 4 players as there are 4 different colours, before starting all players take a different coloured card, this is their colour.
  • The youngest player goes first and takes the top card and turns it over.
  • Follow the cards instructions. It may tell you to put the card on yourself or put it on an opponent.
  • If you are asked to 'touch' look out for the hand or foot symbol as that's what  need to touch the card with.
  • If you are asked to place on another player, look at the colour on the card, this will correspond to a player's colour base card. You then have to put it on that player.
  • If you drop a card off yourself or knock a card off another player then you lose a life. Everyone gets 2 lifes and when you have lost both you are out. The last one standing is the winner.
The boys really enjoyed playing this version of twister, it will definitely be coming in our holiday luggage. We go to a caravan a few times a year and it's not possible to take huge boardgames in your luggage. This is just as much fun as original twister, just in a more compact version.
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*I was sent this for review as part of the rainbow toy testers panel

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