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I have 4 children all in school, which mean we have a lot of uniforms in our house! A few of the children are also in similar sizes which makes things confusing. You then have to factor in that stuff gets lost at school and before you know it you are spending a fortune on replacement uniform pieces! This makes name labels a must for us, My Name Label have sent us their starter pack for Cody, my youngest who is most likely to loose his bits and pieces.
If you are looking for a small pack to get you started this is the pack you need. A little bit of everything and you can simply top up on the things you find you use most. Included in the pack are 20 big stickers, 20 small stickers, 20 mini stickers, 3 pairs shoe labels (plus protective overlays) and 1 bag tag. When you design these you have the choice of what colour you want the tag to be, what character you want putting on them and what writing style you would like. You can be as creative as you want or maybe include your children's favourite thing. Also included are 25 standard iron-on clothing labels and 20 mini iron-on clothing labels in white, with navy blue lettering.
I tried one of the large stick on labels on his water bottle. It was easy to apply just peel off and apply to your clean dry surface. The water bottle has now been washed and dried and the label is still stuck fast to the front of the bottle.
At the beginning of the year, the children are sent home with all sorts of planners and school books, so the stick on lables are perfect to save me handwriting his name onto everything when it does come home!
I loved the shoe labels, I have never had shoe labels before! They fit neatly in the heel of your child shoes and you have enough stickers for 4 pairs of shoes. You also get a sheet of clear stickers, these go over the top of the shoe tickers once you have applied them.
The bag tag is made from plastic card and a really nice size. It's ideal for Cody's book bag. It has an elastic on that you use to attach to whatever you want. You could also use it to out inside your children's coat on the hanging peg!
The iron on labels are perfect for all of his school uniform, we have jumpers, shirts, pe kit and trouser all on its way. You need to label every single piece of clothing in year 1, they do pe twice a week and I can guarantee there will be a few wrong jumpers sent home along the way. But a least with these labels on we will get them back. In the pack there is also a peice of white tissue style paper, this is used when applying your iron on labels. You place your label, cover it with the rice paper and then iron over and the label sticks!
No matter what your label needs My Name Labels have a pack to suit you, they offer iron in labels, stick on labels, shoe labels, bag tags, address labels and combination packs starting from just £16. You can see them all via the clickable link above.
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*I was sent the above items for the purpose of an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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