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I have sellotape and drawing pin marks all over my walls and doors from parties of the past. No party is complete without some balloons and banners, is it! But there is no need to damage your lovely walls anymore thanks to some fab products from Command. A few weeks back I received some fab bits from their range to help wth Miss S's party which we held at the weekend.
20 Damage-Free Hanging Hooks - £3.99
These little hooks are great for hanging up party bunting and in a pack of 20 hooks there is plenty no matter how big our celebration is. They are great for bunting, fairy lights and garlands and will hold on most flat surfaces.
They were the perfect for Miss S' party bunting which was only made of foil. It held them fine and the hooks stayed up all day without falling down. Like all command products they came off with the pull tab when we finished.
Party Banner Anchors - £3.49 
These are perfect for larger style banners or lanterns, they come with slightly larger anchor strips to give a larger coverage on the reverse of the hanger.
We had a lovely bunting strip which was made from good quality card, it was quite heavy but these large discs held the banner up no problem. My lanterns didn't turn up in time but I think they would have held the weight of them no problem. I think these would also be a good option for hanging up the children's night lights.
Balloon Bunchers - £3.49
These are a great idea and will hang 9 balloons up effortlessly. They are really simple to use the balloon just slip into the premade slots and you put your adhesive strip on the back of the holder and apply.
No more tying ballons up with bits of droopy string! They give a really professional look and the holder is clear so your balloons look like they are floating on air. I will definitely be using these again and again for all our celebrations.
 Clear Mounting Strips - £3.49
This multi-pack of strips are great for all purpose use, they can be used for banners, posters, ballons, in fact almost anything party and home related. They have the same mounting strip as the other products, simply peel one side off and apply to your chosen item. Then peel the other side off and apply to your chosen surface, there is a handy pull tab you use to take to strip off without damaging the wall.
I found the strips really useful and used them for banners, our paper chains and even the ballons. I still had a few left over ballons to use and stuck a strip the back of each and then stuck them to the wall. The children thought it was ace and the balloons were magically floating!
 Mini Spring Clips - £3.49
I decided to use the mini spring clips on my fridge, I was unsure if the strips would be strong enough to hold the clips. They are spring loaded and the ideal size for holding onto school newsletters and appointment cards, they have been up for a week now and they are still there.
These are just a few of the fab products available from Command, you can see these and the rest of the range over on the command website linked above. It includes all product details and where you can buy them from, the majority of Command products are available to buy from Amazon.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of review

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