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We had so much fun yesterday at the #GoJettersGo twitter party. It was great to see so many of you there joining in the fun. Well done to all of you who won some great prizes! Our gang had lots of fun playing the games we were sent to take part. We played weather bingo, place the Go Jetter in the Jet Pad and even got a sneaky peak at the Go Jetters DVD.
Our party box arrived last week and we have been trying out all the toys in the box and we would like to share with you what we thought of each. The Go Jetters toy range is available from Fisher-Price and sold at Argos, Smyths Toys & The Entertainer.
Go Jetters Jet Pad - £39.99 - The Jet Pad HQ playset from Fisherprice includes rolling wheels and is loaded with features like a slide, a hidden room where special click- ons (exclusive to this playset) are stored, plus a secret hangar room! Best of all, the Go Jetters will always be ready for the next adventure with the special projection feature. As the playset is opened, the projector flips to project an image on the control panel screen. Images include iconic landmarks as seen on the show, both glitched and un-glitched.
The children loved the Jet Pad playset, it's perfect for acting out all your Go Jetters play stories. They loved all the features and the Kyan figure that came with the playset. The really enjoyed making their figures go down the slide and up the ladder. The projection didn't seem to work on any of our walls, but it is really sunny at the moment. In dark light the projection works well on the inside of the Jetpad, the children liked switching the dial and seeing the different places. The set is extremely well made and provides lots of opportunity for imaginative play. It gets a big thumbs up from my gang!
Vroomster - £24.99 - The vroomster features lights and sounds, rolling wheels and includes a Kyan figure with posable arms.  Pull out the side boosters for figures to peg onto and ride outside. Close the dome and press the go jetters star logo button for a head's up display illumination feature! 
As you can see the little ones loved making the vroomster fly in the sky. We were able to seat 2 of our go jetters figures into the vroomster and take them on a flight. The light and sound action are really good and they loved hearing the sounds and phrases. The vroomster is made of really chunky plastic and looks like it will withstand some bumps and knocks.
Glitch + Grimbler - £14.99 - Join Grandmaster Glitch and his rusty old ship, the Grimbler, on his mischievous adventures. Glitch’s signature moustache is mimicked on the Grimbler and pops in and out as you roll the ship along! What is playtime with the Go Jetters without a Grandmaster Glitch to defeat? Complete your Go Jetters collection with this villainous trouble-maker.
The children loved the fact that when you push the grimbler, Glitchs moustache pops in and out as you push the grimbler over the floor. It makes a great addition to the Jet Pad playset for more play opportunity. Like the rest of the range, it's really brightly coloured and eye catching. The visor of the grimbler slides open and closed very easily.
Foz Giant - £14.99 -  Foz has super intelligence and can crack the code to any of Grandmaster Glitch’s plans! He’s a master strategist, mathematician, and geography expert who’s always got the answers. Foz is a key member of the intrepid team of international heroes known as the Go Jetters, and now you can relive his adventures and create new ones with this action-packed figure complete with his G.O. Giant suit with special features. Just place Foz into the suit, press the button and watch the suit pop up to a taller height! Foz’s mighty G.O. Giant click-on action suit has arms that can be moved up and down, claw hands that can hold objects and other figures, and it can be rolled along to his destination. Insert an energy bolt into the suit’s right arm, press the button and launch the bolt! Includes two energy bolt projectiles. G.O. Giant suit works with any Go Jetters figure
Mr C really enjoyed clicking Foz in and out of his giant suit and most of all shooting his lightning bolts. He liked to mix it up a bit and put some of the other Go Jetters figures in the giant suit. You press the suit down and there is a button on the side that makes him bigger. The button on his arm is what you use to shoot the lightning bolts.
Weather Blaster - £9.99 - 'Un-glitch' landmarks with the Go Jetters and their G.O. Force Weather Blaster. It's got everything you need to set things right! Just load the click-on, pull back the handle and launch away! With five discs included, the world's in safe hands when you've got the Go Jetters Weather Blaster by your side! As you can see from the above pictures the kids had a blast with this toy. They loved shooting the discs across the room, it is a great toy for burning off some excess energy!
Action Figures - £6.99 each - Action figures have poseable arms and click on accessory pieces. The click-on features can either be clicked onto figures or figured clicked into click-ons. The figures are perfect for extending play opportunities with the playsets. It's guaranteed that your child will want to have all 4 of the Go Jetters in their collection. 
We had a fab time at the party and have loved playing with the Go Jetters toy range, I am sure they will be well played with in the future. They are all sturdy, well made and sure to spike your Go Jetters fans imagination.
Thanks For Reading
* I was sent the above items for an honest review and as a party host.

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