Getting Ready For College With Bic

In September I am heading back to college to complete my teaching assistant level 2 course. The entire course is assignment based and all assignments have to be hand written. In preparation for this Bic have kindly sent me a 32 piece stationery set to get off to a good start. The set contains everything you need or the start of a school or college year.
There are 3 cristal fun ball pens in the set in purple, blue and green. They are lovely pastel colours and will be great when I am taking notes in class to highlight important sections. The nibs are 1.6mm and give a broad line when written with.
The original cristal ball pen writes 2 times more than other ballpoint pens, so you get more for your money. It has a 1mm point for a medium line. Oddly the lid and bottom of the pen were black but it actually wrote in blue.
I love the Bic 4 colour pens, I had one in high school and there is always 1 in my draw still today. These particular 4 colour pens have been designed by fans on the Bic Facebook page. I love the design and how the red roses pop with colour. I also really like that the design is created using the 4 colours of the pen.
Everyone needs felt tips in their lives! But I have 4 children which means they are not safe in my pencil case. What's really great about these pens are they are washable from most fabrics and won't dry out if the caps are left off.
I have a feeling I will be using a lot of highlighters come September and these 2 brightly coloured pocket highlighters are perfect. The colours are really vivid, the chisel tip is perfect for underlining and put the pen on its side and you get a thick line for highlighting passages of text.
At first glance these look like pencil crayons, in fact they are wood free graphite pencils. If they pencil breaks then they won't splinter, they are also easy to sharpen. I really like the bright colours and they feel really soft and comfortable to hold in your hand.
These glue sticks are for use on paper, cardboard and even photographs. The dispenser is made from 100% recycled products and all solvents are classed as non-dangerous. I am sure I am going to using a lot of glue in the next year, so to have 2 of these will be useful.
The sharpener looks like typical plastic pencil sharpeners, they are in fact made from polystyrene and metal. The sharpeners are in nice bright colours too. The erasers are made from synthetic rubber and suitable for graphite and lead pencils. They are also completely PVC free.
The mini pocket mouse is great for correcting whole line mistakes. It's really easy to use, just by putting the mouse on the mistake you need to correct and pull it sideways. The mouse is 5mm wide tape so you may need to do 2 separate lines depending on how big your writing is.
The mini shake and squeeze is ideal for small mistakes, the correction nib is the same size as a pen nib. This means you can make really precise correction on the spot.

What do you think of this set? I think it's great and the only other things I need is a pencil case and a ruler and I am all set! The 32 piece set retails are £19.99 and is available to buy from Tesco.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent this set for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own.
  1. Ohh! This looks like a fab set. Perfect for going back to school or college!

  2. Good luck going back to college :) I love Bic pens, trouble is when I buy some they seem to disappear quickly out the cupboard x


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