CraZsand Space Play Set

We love sand in our house, well I say we, but I actually mean the children love sand! I hate it LOL My gang are all about sensory fun toys and sand offers multi-sensory fun for all. We were sent the fab CraZsand Space Play Set for review from Character Options, priced at £17.99
Out of this world Glow-in-the-Dark Sand! Cra-Z-Sand is an amazing mess free, mouldable sand- perfect for playing indoors or out. It's fun to shape it, you can feel it move and watch it flow and it never dries out! You can play with again and again! The set comes with 2 spaceship moulds, spaceman mould, alien mould, a sand roller and 3 bags of sand in yellow, blue and beige. All is stored neatly on the grey high-lipped sand tray.
The children really liked the texture of this sand, it's really mouldable. It has a slightly damp texture to it so its holds together well. The sand packs really easily into the moulds and with just a tap comes out fully formed as the shape you intended it to be. You can't pick up your moulded makes, they just crumble if you try, this doesn't bother the children, they like to mould them, crush them and remake. They enjoyed sing the roller, one end is a boot shape and makes boot print in the sand and the other end makes tracks. Once the sand is all mixed together you obviously can't separate it, so you end up with a mass of green coloured sand. So you only get the multi coloured play effect on the first go. The sand is completely reusable, so you do get lots of play opportunity from the set. The sand will never dry out and continue to remould so it is really good value for money. The children love it and it gets a big thumbs up from them.
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*I was sent the above item for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own.

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