#BackToSchool With Bio-Synergy

Now my children are past Reception age they don't get their milk at snack time and they are encouraged to bring a water bottle in with them. There is a water fountain available, but I am a bit of a germaphobe, so I like the idea of a water bottle. My issue with water comes in the form of Mr C, he refuses to drink plain water, he acts like I'm trying to make him drink poison!! Bio-Synergy has sent me there fab fruit infuser water bottles to try.
The fruit infuser bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and embrace all the natural flavours of your favourite fruit and vegetables at the same time. With Summer currently in full swing, I am up for trying anything to up the little one's water intake.
The chamber for your fruit simply screws into the lid of the water bottle, you can see the window vent, this is where your water comes through, but stops the fruit coming out.
The top of the lid also has a built in carry handle, great for taking with you when you got for a run. In my case, it's great for encouraging Mr C to carry his water to school himself and make him feel a little responsible.
Once you have filled your chamber with your chosen fruit or vegetable you just screw it back into the lid and then submerge into your water. Don't over fill your chamber with fruit, you want it to be able to move around a little, also don't fill your water bottle to the top as it will overflow when you submerge your fruit chamber.

As you can see from his cheeky smile, Mr C really loves his fruit infuser bottle! He is happy to drink is magic fruit flavoured water. We have had fun trying out lots of different concoction and high favourite are lemon & lime ( I told him it's like still lemonade) and he also loved strawberry & kiwi. The bottle is a good size to keep him going all day a school.
As you can see we give the Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle a big thumbs up, we were sent 2 of them and I was hoping to keep the other for myself but Mr D has claimed to take to school! The fruit infuser bottle retail at £14.99 and is available to buy via the clickable link above. Keep your eyes on the blog tomorrow for your chance to win a water infuser bottle for yourself!
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*The above was sent to me for the purpose of an honest review

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