#SlimFastLunchClub - The 3-2-1 Plan

For the next 7 days, I am going to be following the Slimfast 321 plan in a bid to shed some excess weight. As my regular readers know I have already lost 2 and a half stone, so I al looking forward to seeing how much more I can lose with this plan.
The plan is really simple to follow, you pick 3 snacks, 2 meals replacement shakes or bars, 1 simple 600 calorie meal and 2 litres of water per day. The 7 days starter kit includes the yummy new noodle pots for me to try.
You can join me tomorrow over on twitter @rtr_blog with @slimfastuk and follow #SlimFastLunchClub at 12.30 for a lunchtime chat all about the plan and how you can get moving. I will also be over their next Monday at the same time.
  1. Good luck hope it all goes well
    Keep motivated
    It will be worth it

  2. Best of luck. This seems like a good low-hassle way of losing weight.


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