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We are planning Miss S's 8th Birthday party and I was in need of some party bag fillers, a while ago I ran a giveaway for Party Bags & Supplies for their fab party kits. I already have a theme covered and since they have a fab selection of party bag fillers for less than £1, I took a look. I had £30 to spend and 15 party bags to fill, this is what I got!
The first 3 things I got are all things I remember getting in party bags when I was little, the Smiley Face Rainbow Springs are 20p each. They match out party colour theme great and I love the smiley face on the front, they do a range of different coloured ones as well. I loved the  4 pack of erasers, they were only 20p for the 4 pack, so I got 4 packets which means there is an extra one for my desk! I had to get the 35mm jet bouncy balls, they were 30p each and come in a range of different colours.
The 16 pack of bubbles were a great price at only £2.75, you can get them in pink and also in blue, they worked out much cheaper than getting them on the high street. The dinky water guns are really cute and they were only 15p each, they actually work too, they don't hold much water but I'm sure the parents will be glad of that! I also loved these neon coloured mini maracas that were only 20p each, thy come in 5 different colours and you will be sent a random selection of colours.
The next selection are all things to keep the children entertained when they are coming down from their sugar rush. The sealife sticker sheets were only 12p a sheet and contain 12 brightly coloured stickers. The little jungle themed jigsaw are just 15p each and is made from reinforced cardboard, the mini notepads again were 15p and are filled with plain paper, ideal or doodling on. I had to finish off this collection with some pencils to write in their new pad with, the small 4 pack of pencil crayons were 20p each and the perfect size to fit inside the party bag.
I had to finish the bags off with some sweeties as a party bag isn't a party bag with a few sweets inside, the small packs of Haribo are 12p each and the Tango popping candy just 8p per packet, I think they were the perfect way to end the party bag booty.
No matter what your theme Party Bag & Supplies have got your covered, they offer lots of matching items and if you don't fancy doing it all separately you can go down the pre-packaged option. Check out my unboxing video for a closer look at the items.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of an honest review.

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