Mam Cups Review

I have used Mam products ever since Mr D was a tiny little baby, I love how well made and long lasting their products are. Now technically my children are too old for their products, but Miss S still uses a cup with a lid, she has poor balance and coordination, so a cup with a lid saves my carpets! Mam have sent me 2 of their products for Miss S to try out.
The learn to drink cup holds 270mls and is available in blue, pink and yellow. It has a hard spout and comes with a hard plastic lid. I love that the cup is spill proof, ideal for Skye who constantly drops her cup or leaves it lay on its side on the sofa. The cup is the ideal transition from the beaker to glass thanks to its shape. If you have a younger child and want to teach the flow control you can remove the valve in the cap and make it free flow. I like the hard spout its ideal for Miss S as she is older, she tends to just chew through the silicone spouts. These cups are suitable from 8 months and retail at £5.99, available to buy from the Mam online store and some retailers.
The other cup we were sent was the sport cup which holds slightly more than the previous, it holds 330mls. It's the perfect cup for Miss S to take up to bed at night, as she doesn't sleep well, she wakes lots in the night and she likes a drink when she's awake. The spout on this in again non-spill. so if she drifts off she won't get her bed wet. The sports cap doesn't need to be pulled open and closes either, it's a fixed, so no trapped fingers, they simply suck and the liquid comes out. The sports cup is suitable for ages 12 months plus and retails at £5.99.
The cups went down a storm in our house, even Mr C got in on the action, he didn't even bat an eyelid at the pink cup. They both loved the designs on the cups, Miss S particularly liked the fairy design on the sports cup and this has become the cup of choice.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the cups free of charge for the purpose of review, this doesn't affect my opinion

  1. No wonder you love them they are brilliant
    Certainly recommend them x

  2. Good value, fun designs - we'll definitely seek these out :)

  3. Pam Francis Gregory3 June 2016 at 12:34

    Look great!

  4. this looks good, easy to clean too


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