Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

I love the Zelfs! We have been huge fans ever since Miss S discovered a love for them last year! We have quite a collection that span from series 1 right through to series 5, we can't wait until the end of the month when the new series 6 Zelfs are launched. Last week we got some VERY exciting post!
We got 1 of the limited edition Mary Go Round Carousel Pony Zelfs!! There has only been 10'000 of these special Zelfs made and there are only 400 of them in the United Kingdom, what's more, you can claim one for free if you are a bit of a Zelf shopper and have spent £30 or more on Zelfs this year. Pop over here and find out more 
Each of the limited edition figures comes with a special keepsake telling you which number o the 10'000 made they are. Our Carousel Pony is number 2137
As with all Zelfs she comes with her own little accessories, she has 2 elastics for her hair, a comb and a cute glittery horse show. Miss S has added the horseshoe to the zip on her school bag!
The carousel zelf has the trademark long hair which Miss S just loves to brush and style. She is the first Zelf we have has on 4 legs, all our others just have 2, so Miss S was intrigued by this feature, she immediately started making her trot along the table.
She fits in well with our collection with her pastel colours and her lovely sparkles. She stands perfectly too as she has her 4 legs, and 4 legs are so much better than 2. She has made herself at home in Miss S's school bag though and not in with the rest of the collection, she has taken a bit of a shine to her.
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