Gobbit Review

We have been having some fun with Gobbit, the new slap and grab animal food chain card game available from Rules of Play priced at £14. It's a really easy game to learn to play, it can be hard to master but it's a really quick play with each game being over in about 10 minutes.
Gobbit is a reaction based card game a little like snap, but you need to use your powers of observation throughout. The cards feature 4 animals in 3 different  colours, they all eat each other dependent on where they come in the food chain.
Gobbit is suitable for players age 7+, although my 5 year old loved playing it and it can be played with between 2-6 players. You deal out the cards between all of the players, the aim of the game is to protect your own cards and steal all the cards in the game. So let's get on with the rules!
  • Only animals of the same colour can attack each other
  • Snakes never attack flies
  • Flies don't attack anyone, they come in pairs on the card and can be attacked by chameleons of the corresponding colour.
It is a bit confusing to start wth but both the boys picked it up really easily. It  good game for using their memory and perception skills. You could also use the cards to play your own simple game of snap using either the colours or the animals as your snapping opportunity. I love that the cards come in a solid box for storage, it means they aren't going to go missing. We loved Gobbit and once we have fully mastered the basic game we are going to read the rest of the instructions and play the more complicated ones.
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*We were sent Gobbit in exchange for an honest review.

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