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Our children love to watch a bit of television and they have some favourite shows, we don't mind them watching some educational shows and believe it helps strengthen learning. Mr C has always enjoyed watching Go Jetters on CBeebies, so he is excited to be reviewing their new magazine.
Go Jetters is great for little ones to learn about geography, new places and famous landmarks. If you have an explorer then they will love it too as the Go Jetters go to all different parts of the world and they can learn about it along the way.
The magazine encourages your child's imagination, problem-solving skills and they get to be part of the Go Jetters Academy. It enables them to learn about geography in a fun way and if it's fun then it tends to stick and create a memory. It will encourage them to ask questions and thanks to Grandmaster Glitch there is plenty of fun and laughs as well.
The magazine has puzzle pages, colouring pages, posters, reward chart and the first issue has a fab Vroomster launcher and Xuli figure, each issue has a different toy so you can complete the collection.
This issue also has the Funky Ubercorn workbook in which Mr C really enjoyed filling in. It was a perfect stop gap between reading the story pages and the colouring in. I don't mind paying for a magazine that has an educational influence in it.
As standard with most children's magazines, there are lots of stickers included that have to be placed on certain pages of the magazine. The sticker sheet is handily numbered telling you where in the magazine each sticker needs to go. Mr C doesn't look at the guide though he likes to discover for himself.
We love the Go Jetters magazine and are looking forward to receiving the next issue in the post. You can get your copy today at your local newsagents priced at £2.99, but be quick they are sure to sell fast.
Thanks For Reading
*We were sent the magazine and a subscription in exchange for our honest opinion.

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