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I am supposed to wear my glasses all the time and my eyes have been compensating for it, but now I am older my eyes are really starting to hurt from straining all the time. There is a huge range of eyeglasses online now at much better prices than in stores, GlassesShop offered to send me a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses to review.
First up are my actual glasses, I went for the Hedda rectangle frame at $39.99, which are a lovely red tortoise shell frame. They are a lot like my old glasses but a thinner looking frame, which doesn't look as chunky on my face.
The glasses took just short of 3 weeks to arrive, as they are shipped internationally, the came well packaged in a solid plastic case, so they are well protected in transit.
I love the glasses they are really sturdy and the arms fit on my head comfortable and don't hurt my ears. The full frame is about 5 inches wide and the lenses are 1.3 inches deep. The frame is suitable for single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses.
Next up are my prescription sunglasses which took me slightly longer to choose because there were so many pairs to choose from. I opted for the Pearl Square in burgundy priced at $45.95.
They came in a lovely designed medium shelled case and as with the glasses, the sunglasses come with a complimentary cleaning cloth.
I love the design on the arms of the sunglasses it gives them a really girly look. The burgundy frames really go with my hair and they will be perfect for my holidays in September. The frames are larger than my reading glasses, but I like a big frame to protect my eyes. These frames are only suitable for single vision lenses, so no bifocal or multi-vision lenses.
I think they look quite good on me, and hopefully by September my hamster cheeks will have gone down a bit more and they won't perch on my cheeks! I love both my new pairs of glasses and they are great quality, combined they cost about £57 so they are an absolute bargain. I also didn't mind the 3-week wait and would happily keep using them. Make sure you go over and take a look and use the discount code GSHOT50  for a massive 50% discount.
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