#DCSuperHeroGirls are out now!

As of today you can get your hands on the Dc SuperHero girls action figures from Mattel and yesterday we got a very exciting delivery containing 2 of the figures for review! The first thing we did was unbox them over on our Youtube channel, you can see the clip below.
Now a bit more about the 2 figures we got in the beautiful red box, there are 7 SuperHero girls in the range and they are available in 2 different sizes priced at £9.99 and £15.99. We have the smaller style priced at £9.99 and we got Harlequin and BatGirl.
Harlequin is just pure fun! She is disorganised, unpredictable, unbalanced, unhinged but she is always fun. Her eye is forever on the prize and she wants to be a celebrity, her toughest audience members are Wonder Woman and Supergirl. She is able to stand by herself if you get her stance right and she comes with a mallet. Here joints are all adjustable so she can pull off a variety of poses and her mallet can be held in either hand. She is made from solid plastic and aside from her mallet all her other clothing etc is stuck to her, so no chance of losing her bits and pieces.
Batgirl is crazy smart, she's one of those kids who got into Super Hero High based on brain power instead of super powers. Don't try and figure her out, you won't be able to! She doesn't see herself as super and seems like she is out of her element, her best friend is Supergirl. Her limbs are fully posable and she can stand unaided if put in the right stance. Her headpiece is removable and she's the perfect size for taking out and about with you.
Miss S really enjoyed playing with both the figures and I am sure they will be well played with. We also got a book in the package which tells you all about the characters and she has been glued to the book since she got in from school. We also got a notebook, but I nicked that for myself as its just ace!
Head on over to the DC Super Hero Girls Official Website and find out which Super Hero Girl is most like you, I got Batgirl, share your results on social media and use #GetYourCapeOn.
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*We were sent the above items for the purposes of an honest review.

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