#DCSuperHeroGirls are out now!

As of today you can get your hands on the Dc SuperHero girls action figures from Mattel and yesterday we got a very exciting delivery containing 2 of the figures for review! The first thing we did was unbox them over on our Youtube channel, you can see the clip below.
Now a bit more about the 2 figures we got in the beautiful red box, there are 7 SuperHero girls in the range and they are available in 2 different sizes priced at £9.99 and £15.99. We have the smaller style priced at £9.99 and we got Harlequin and BatGirl.
Harlequin is just pure fun! She is disorganised, unpredictable, unbalanced, unhinged but she is always fun. Her eye is forever on the prize and she wants to be a celebrity, her toughest audience members are Wonder Woman and Supergirl. She is able to stand by herself if you get her stance right and she comes with a mallet. Here joints are all adjustable so she can pull off a variety of poses and her mallet can be held in either hand. She is made from solid plastic and aside from her mallet all her other clothing etc is stuck to her, so no chance of losing her bits and pieces.
Batgirl is crazy smart, she's one of those kids who got into Super Hero High based on brain power instead of super powers. Don't try and figure her out, you won't be able to! She doesn't see herself as super and seems like she is out of her element, her best friend is Supergirl. Her limbs are fully posable and she can stand unaided if put in the right stance. Her headpiece is removable and she's the perfect size for taking out and about with you.
Miss S really enjoyed playing with both the figures and I am sure they will be well played with. We also got a book in the package which tells you all about the characters and she has been glued to the book since she got in from school. We also got a notebook, but I nicked that for myself as its just ace!
Head on over to the DC Super Hero Girls Official Website and find out which Super Hero Girl is most like you, I got Batgirl, share your results on social media and use #GetYourCapeOn.
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*We were sent the above items for the purposes of an honest review.

Diary Of An Autism Mum - 30/6/16

Welcome back to another diary post, it has been a busy week of hospital trips, sickness bugs and vet trips!
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What's In Junes Degustabox

It's time for another Degustabox delivery, it is my favourite time of the month and it was a good mix of things I haven't tried before. If you haven't heard of Degustabox it's a monthly subscription box priced at £12.99 that delivers 9-14 surprise products, many of the products are new to the market so you get to try them first. This month's box had a bbq theme.
Branston Spicy Tomato Relish - £1.65 - This is a new product for me, I haven't tried it before and it was lovely on our bbq burgers. It had a nice tang to it, but it wasn't to much, a nice change from our normal relish.
Haywards Pickled Onions - £1.89 - These are a cupboard staple in our house, they are perfect for throwing on top of salads.
Sacla Pesto Pots - £2.79 - I have unbelievably never tried pesto, so this is a great opportunity for me to try it. I love that its a 4 pack of individual servings as I heard a little goes a long way.
Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta - £2.49 - These are a low calorie, soy free, gluten free, vegan and no gmo noodle. You have to rinse them well before use, also available as rice!
Zeo Cloudy Lemon - £2.75 - This drink is made from 98% spring water so is virtually calorie free, perfect for me doing Slimming World. A 250ml serving has only 28 calories.
Kingstar Beer - £1.70 - We found this beer to be an acquired taste, I didn't like it but the hubby loved it! I found it to be too strong tasting.
Amoy Coconut Milk - £1.99 - Another cupboard staple that we use in lots of recipes, it is always handy to have some in the cupboard and we like and enjoy the Amoy coconut milk, it's a better quality than some available.
Smooze - £2.50 - The children really enjoyed these and they are made from all natural ingredients. They are literally 40% coconut milk and 50% fresh fruit, they are suitable for vegans.
Destrooper-Olivier Belguim Butters - £1.10 - I love Destrooper biscuits and have tried lots of the range before. These butter biscuits are perfect to be served with ice cream for a quick bbq dessert!
Butterkist Yogurt Popcorn - £1.49 - The product of the month in this Degustabox, the new flavour that we all love. They are really creamy and you can't just eat a handful!
Schwartz Grill Mate - £1.49 - We got the American Smokehouse mix and it made our burgers taste lovely. It's really simple to use, you just add to your mince and mix in, also available in the classic steakhouse.
BakedIn - £1.50 - This little cake mix is perfect for a quick sweet fix. It's really easy to make with just some butter and water and you have a perfect mug cake in less than 2 minutes.
What do you think of the contents? This month's contents retails for around £23, so you are getting more than your monies worth in the box. There were 13 items from 12 different brands so a good variety. Want to try Degustabox yourself? You can get a massive £6 off your first box by using code BLDEG15 at the checkout.
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*I was sent the Degustabox FOC for the purposes of an honest review, this does not affect my opinion.

Go Jetters Magazine

Our children love to watch a bit of television and they have some favourite shows, we don't mind them watching some educational shows and believe it helps strengthen learning. Mr C has always enjoyed watching Go Jetters on CBeebies, so he is excited to be reviewing their new magazine.
Go Jetters is great for little ones to learn about geography, new places and famous landmarks. If you have an explorer then they will love it too as the Go Jetters go to all different parts of the world and they can learn about it along the way.
The magazine encourages your child's imagination, problem-solving skills and they get to be part of the Go Jetters Academy. It enables them to learn about geography in a fun way and if it's fun then it tends to stick and create a memory. It will encourage them to ask questions and thanks to Grandmaster Glitch there is plenty of fun and laughs as well.
The magazine has puzzle pages, colouring pages, posters, reward chart and the first issue has a fab Vroomster launcher and Xuli figure, each issue has a different toy so you can complete the collection.
This issue also has the Funky Ubercorn workbook in which Mr C really enjoyed filling in. It was a perfect stop gap between reading the story pages and the colouring in. I don't mind paying for a magazine that has an educational influence in it.
As standard with most children's magazines, there are lots of stickers included that have to be placed on certain pages of the magazine. The sticker sheet is handily numbered telling you where in the magazine each sticker needs to go. Mr C doesn't look at the guide though he likes to discover for himself.
We love the Go Jetters magazine and are looking forward to receiving the next issue in the post. You can get your copy today at your local newsagents priced at £2.99, but be quick they are sure to sell fast.
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*We were sent the magazine and a subscription in exchange for our honest opinion.

Grill Sergeant BBQ Review & Giveaway

Now the summer has finally arrived it's the opportunity to get out in the garden more. We love to have a bbq but the idea of having a large one in the garden isn't good for us. The children like to roam free and I just know they would mess with it if we left it there.
The guys over at Paladone have sent me a great little Grill Sargeant BBQ for review, it's a nifty little portable bbq that we can stash in the shed when we are done.
The bbq has a funky army like design and I love the cool shades and moustache! The bbq does need building when you unbox it, but it's very simple. You just have to attach the 3 legs, carry handle, vents and locking clips onto the side of the bbq.
The inside of the bbq has a silver tub that you put your coal inside, I really like this feature because it means we can take it out and put the bbq out of sight to cool down totally. The 3 clips are there to secure the lid on top of the bbq, once closed you can carry the bbq by the handle on top.
The grill area is big enough for 4 burgers and about 4 sausages, so it's perfect for camping trips and days out. It's small enough to put in your car and take along with you and thanks to the removable bowl and grill it's easy to keep really clean.
You can just set it up on the floor like we have, or if you have a  built up brick area you can pop it on top of that. We have used ours twice already. We love it because it's such a great size for a cheeky bbq when the kids are in bed!
You can see this and all the other great things Paladone have on offer via the link above. If you would love to win a Grill Sergeant of your own then check out the giveaway below, just read the terms and conditions before entering.
Win a #GrillSergeant from Paladone Terms and Conditions
Open to UK & Ireland residents over 18years. 1 prize for 1 winner, chosen at random via widget. All entry methods are optional. Winner contacted within 3 days of giveaway ending. If they do no respond within 28 day a new winner will be chosen. Your details will be passed to the PR/Company and nobody else. Delivery is the responsibility of the PR/Company. Raising the Rainbows is not responsible for any damaged or missing prizes. Please allow upto 28 days for prize to arrive. The company reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value, if original isn't available. Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified. Giveaway open till  11.59pm on Wednesday 23rd July 2016.
See more at - ThePrizeFinder

GlassesShop Review & Discount Code

I am supposed to wear my glasses all the time and my eyes have been compensating for it, but now I am older my eyes are really starting to hurt from straining all the time. There is a huge range of eyeglasses online now at much better prices than in stores, GlassesShop offered to send me a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses to review.
First up are my actual glasses, I went for the Hedda rectangle frame at $39.99, which are a lovely red tortoise shell frame. They are a lot like my old glasses but a thinner looking frame, which doesn't look as chunky on my face.
The glasses took just short of 3 weeks to arrive, as they are shipped internationally, the came well packaged in a solid plastic case, so they are well protected in transit.
I love the glasses they are really sturdy and the arms fit on my head comfortable and don't hurt my ears. The full frame is about 5 inches wide and the lenses are 1.3 inches deep. The frame is suitable for single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses.
Next up are my prescription sunglasses which took me slightly longer to choose because there were so many pairs to choose from. I opted for the Pearl Square in burgundy priced at $45.95.
They came in a lovely designed medium shelled case and as with the glasses, the sunglasses come with a complimentary cleaning cloth.
I love the design on the arms of the sunglasses it gives them a really girly look. The burgundy frames really go with my hair and they will be perfect for my holidays in September. The frames are larger than my reading glasses, but I like a big frame to protect my eyes. These frames are only suitable for single vision lenses, so no bifocal or multi-vision lenses.
I think they look quite good on me, and hopefully by September my hamster cheeks will have gone down a bit more and they won't perch on my cheeks! I love both my new pairs of glasses and they are great quality, combined they cost about £57 so they are an absolute bargain. I also didn't mind the 3-week wait and would happily keep using them. Make sure you go over and take a look and use the discount code GSHOT50  for a massive 50% discount.
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Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

We have been sent some fab 3d puzzles from Ravenburger to have a go at, we have tried 3d puzzles before but nowhere near to this scale. We were sent 4 of the puzzles out of the current range, prices range from £19.99 to £39.99.
The One World Trade Centre - £19.99
At 1,776 feet tall, One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Developed by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, this building sets new standards of design, construction, and prestige, and heralds the renaissance of Downtown Manhattan. Managed, operated and leased by The Durst Organization, One World Trade Center is the new icon of New York's skyline and the most recognised and desirable office address in the world. 
The Eiffel Tower - £19.99
This puzzle uses unique hinged plastic pieces, which slot together to build a sturdy and strong "building". No glue required! The puzzle has got 216 high-quality plastic pieces and measures 44cm tall when complete. Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the reverse side, so you can either assemble the puzzle by eye, or just by following the numbers. It also comes with a printed base board, so it can be displayed on a shelf or table top. Enjoy some of the world's most famous buildings in your own home!
Tower Bridge - £34.99
Make a unique scale model of 1 of Londons Iconic landmarks, once built it measures over 1 metre long. It would be a fab gift for anyone who loves our capital. Like the other models, it has 216 pieces and they are all numbered for ease of build.
Big Ben - £24.99
This comes with a real working clock! It was the puzzle that we decided to get busy with and have a go at building first.
As you can see all the puzzle pieces are clearly numbered and they all have a direction arrow on them. This makes building really simple. We decided to group all the number together to make building easier and got making the model from the bottom up.
We found that once you get the hang of the puzzle pieces and getting the pieces the right way up by looking a the arrows it takes no time at all to build.
You have the option to have the working clock face in or out, you can just have the non-working version in. The clock just fits inside the top part of the model and once you have attached it to the stand you are all done. 

These are a fab gift idea for the older puzzles, although all the puzzles are suitable for ages 10 plus, it took us about 30 minutes to build. But it is the type of model you can do a little of and come back to it, thanks to the numbered pieces. What do you think of 3d puzzles, do you fancy giving 1 a go?
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Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

I love the Zelfs! We have been huge fans ever since Miss S discovered a love for them last year! We have quite a collection that span from series 1 right through to series 5, we can't wait until the end of the month when the new series 6 Zelfs are launched. Last week we got some VERY exciting post!
We got 1 of the limited edition Mary Go Round Carousel Pony Zelfs!! There has only been 10'000 of these special Zelfs made and there are only 400 of them in the United Kingdom, what's more, you can claim one for free if you are a bit of a Zelf shopper and have spent £30 or more on Zelfs this year. Pop over here and find out more www.evolutioncomps.co.uk/carouselponyzelf 
Each of the limited edition figures comes with a special keepsake telling you which number o the 10'000 made they are. Our Carousel Pony is number 2137
As with all Zelfs she comes with her own little accessories, she has 2 elastics for her hair, a comb and a cute glittery horse show. Miss S has added the horseshoe to the zip on her school bag!
The carousel zelf has the trademark long hair which Miss S just loves to brush and style. She is the first Zelf we have has on 4 legs, all our others just have 2, so Miss S was intrigued by this feature, she immediately started making her trot along the table.
She fits in well with our collection with her pastel colours and her lovely sparkles. She stands perfectly too as she has her 4 legs, and 4 legs are so much better than 2. She has made herself at home in Miss S's school bag though and not in with the rest of the collection, she has taken a bit of a shine to her.
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Party Bag Fillers Review

We are planning Miss S's 8th Birthday party and I was in need of some party bag fillers, a while ago I ran a giveaway for Party Bags & Supplies for their fab party kits. I already have a theme covered and since they have a fab selection of party bag fillers for less than £1, I took a look. I had £30 to spend and 15 party bags to fill, this is what I got!
The first 3 things I got are all things I remember getting in party bags when I was little, the Smiley Face Rainbow Springs are 20p each. They match out party colour theme great and I love the smiley face on the front, they do a range of different coloured ones as well. I loved the  4 pack of erasers, they were only 20p for the 4 pack, so I got 4 packets which means there is an extra one for my desk! I had to get the 35mm jet bouncy balls, they were 30p each and come in a range of different colours.
The 16 pack of bubbles were a great price at only £2.75, you can get them in pink and also in blue, they worked out much cheaper than getting them on the high street. The dinky water guns are really cute and they were only 15p each, they actually work too, they don't hold much water but I'm sure the parents will be glad of that! I also loved these neon coloured mini maracas that were only 20p each, thy come in 5 different colours and you will be sent a random selection of colours.
The next selection are all things to keep the children entertained when they are coming down from their sugar rush. The sealife sticker sheets were only 12p a sheet and contain 12 brightly coloured stickers. The little jungle themed jigsaw are just 15p each and is made from reinforced cardboard, the mini notepads again were 15p and are filled with plain paper, ideal or doodling on. I had to finish off this collection with some pencils to write in their new pad with, the small 4 pack of pencil crayons were 20p each and the perfect size to fit inside the party bag.
I had to finish the bags off with some sweeties as a party bag isn't a party bag with a few sweets inside, the small packs of Haribo are 12p each and the Tango popping candy just 8p per packet, I think they were the perfect way to end the party bag booty.
No matter what your theme Party Bag & Supplies have got your covered, they offer lots of matching items and if you don't fancy doing it all separately you can go down the pre-packaged option. Check out my unboxing video for a closer look at the items.
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*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of an honest review.
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