Weekly Weigh In 41 & 42

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there was no weigh in post from me last week, that's mainly because I have taken a break from Slimming World, not the plan just the group. My life at home at the moment isn't very settled, Miss S isn't sleeping, Mr C is generally being a pain in a the bum and I have lots of appointments coming up.
Basically, I was juggling too many plates in the air and group was the only 1 I am able to drop, as family life ultimately comes first.

It's been pretty tough sticking to plan when I am so tired and up in the night with an insomniac daughter, but I tried my best in Week 41, and stuck to plan 80% of the time, I had a calorie heavy weekend and ended week 41 with a 2lb gain. I started week 42, well I say started, I decided that I needed a week off, this did me a massive favour and gave me some much-needed head space. I had a full week of not worrying about my a and b choice, not worrying of a 3rd of my plate was speed food and just generally eating whatever I fancied. I have to say I didn't enjoy it, I generally feel like crap, you definitely get out what you put in and if you. I didn't eat really badly, but it definitely wasn't balanced.
I have decided that what I need is a bit of a detox to get me back on track, so this week I am doing the 7 days Shake it slim plan from Forza, I will be having 2 shakes a day and a normal dinner in the eveing. Its just what I need to rid all of the toxins out of my body and get right back on track. See you next week with the results.
Start Weight - 20 stone 5lbs
Current Weight - 18st 8lbs
Target Weight - 16 stone (interim target)
This Weeks Result - 1 1/4 lb gain
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 11lbs
This Weeks Goal -  4lbs loss
Sim's Life

  1. great results overall, well done

  2. Taking a break from it all really does help you regroup - you need it, your head needs it and your body needs the rest. You certainly did the right thing! You will feel so much better having a 7 day detox this week and you know me... I do like my shakes! Hope you are enjoying them and getting back on track love. Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and look forward to an update on your detox next week! Sim xx

  3. Look forward to hearing how your detox went as I've never done this but might be something I want to try. Hope all goes well for you and you feel a bit more at peace with your very busy life - nothing is easy when you're a mum, is it? I gave your blog post a shout-out today as I get back to losing those unwanted pounds (which will lead ultimately to losing those stones!!)
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