Thomas & Friends Jungle Quest Playset #TeamThomas

We are big Thomas & Friends fans and are really pleased to be helping out with the Team Thomas campaign this month. Last month we reviewed the Close Call Playset and now we are very fortunate to be reviewing this Jungle Quest Playset, which retails at £24.99. It is available to buy from Smyths and Argos.
Thomas is on an amazing adventure in search of the legendary lost emerald… but he must get past the gorilla guardian first! Your child can help Thomas on his quest to find this rare artifact. Just send Thomas down the track and press the handle. Press it three times to bring Thomas to the top of the playset, where Thomas comes face-to-fearsome face with the gorilla! When Thomas reaches the top, the emerald drops down and lands in the gorilla’s hand. Thomas can race down the platform after the treasure but as he approaches, the gorilla hand grabs the emerald and pulls it out of reach! After playing out the thrilling adventure, children can also flip the set around for more jungle action. Ride Thomas through the vines. As the river platform is tipped, the treasure rolls onto the tracks. Help Thomas push the treasure along the tracks and onto the rear lifting track. Push the handle 3 times and Thomas rides to the top of the play set again, to the back of the gorilla head. Have Thomas and the treasure ride through the gorilla head and down the rope bridge track back to safety.
I love that these sets are so easy to set up, the instructions are always so easy to follow and they have made it fool proof by labelling all the parts. The intructions are even in picture form so you know you are putting the pieces on the right way round. It took about 3 minutes to build and that was with Mr C mithering me whilst I was building!
The set is really well-made from brightly coloured chunky plastic, once clicked in some of the pieces don't come out. You can also carry it about without the pieces falling off which is great as Mr C loves to carry his toys about. The set had some great features, the diecast Thomas will work on any other take and playsets you own and you can link this up to your other sets too. It's double sided so your little one can play whichever side they choose. There are rising carriages, moving track pieces and movable parts to keep them busy. The carriage lift is operated by the red handle on the back. You just have to move the handle up and down and it rises the carriage up to the top of the ramp. It then tips Thomas forward and he zooms down the track. A parenting positive for this set is that it takes no batteries!
Mr C really loves this set, he enjoyed moving Thomas round the track and pushing him into the carriages. He quickly sussed out the knack of moving the lift up and down. He is really excited to link all 3 of his take and play sets up and have 1 giant track to play with. He's just waiting for me to make some room for him. This Jungle Quest set is a lovely addition for any Thomas fan and it gets a big thumbs up from us.

You may remember when we got the Close Call Playset we also got the Start Your Engines DVD at the same time. Mr C has been busy watching it these past few weeks.
The start your engines DVD has never been seen before on tv, but it isn't a movie! Thomas & Friends™ are racing on the rails! The clock is ticking for Thomas, Bertie and Spencer to get to the castle on time. As Philip shows Gordon how fast he can go, slow Stephen proves he can save the day. James and Thomas are on opposite tracks when the Big Game comes to Sodor, while Caitlin gives Emily an unexpected boost. Race down the tracks with Thomas and his friends! It is actually 60 minutes worth of never seen before clips merged into 5 different episodes. Mr C is only 5 and sometimes gets restless watching a movie, so this is perfect with it being 5 short episodes. He was really pleased that it was stuff he hasn't seen before, he has exhausted our collection and watched them hundreds of times. You can grab Start Your Engines from Amazon for only £8.75 at the moment.
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