The A to Z of Autism - H is for.....

I am really late in posting this, but life has been a bit tough lately, Miss S has not been sleeping at all, we are lucky is most nights she goes 5 hours, but lately, we have been lucky to see 2. I am beyond exhausted, we are used to the occasional sleepless night, she tends to go through phases but this has been the longest she hasn't slept properly for. Anyway enough of that, its time for the A to Z of autism post and this time its H is for.....

High Functioning
Steph from Stephs2Girls A misleading term as it's presumably meant to cover those with a higher IQ, but that doesn't mean they are any more able to cope easily in society. In some cases, it can mean less support is given....

Tina from Mothergeek  - There's plenty of it, despite the challenges Autism adds to our lives. 
Jeannette from AutismMumma - When my children are happy, we're all happy.

Tina from Mothergeek - the Bain of my life! Cutting, washing and brushing Sam's hair all cause sensory overload for him, and raised blood pressure for me!
Jeannette from AutismMumma -  Cutting it is a nightmare for both T and D, they wriggle and squirm and it's horrible every time. Tempting to use a pudding bowl to cut around!! Hair for me too, all the stress associated with SN has really made mine suffer.

Rachel from Parenting the PDA Way - The impacts on general health and visits to health care professionals. Doctors trips are pretty difficult here.

Emma Murphy from Emma4facsKids really in pain with this at the minute, hypermobility syndrome is a condition that features joints that easily move beyond the normal range expected for a particular joint. Symptoms of the joint hypermobility syndrome include pain in the knees, fingers, hips, and elbows.

Rachel from Dragonriko  - The place where our kids (and us) feel safest. I agree with this one, my gang are definitely home birds.

Rachel from Dragonriko-  They might take more planning and we might be more selective on where we go but everyone still loves a good holiday.

Hyper & Hypo sensitivity
Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful - Common in some ASD children, Ann has a fab post all about it and she explains it wonderfully. Hyper - What Else?

This is my offering and it definitely applies to Mr D, he gets so hyperactive. It was this hyperactivity that first prompted his referral to CAHMS, the school were adamant he has ADHD.

Do you have anything else you would add for H then just leave me a comment below? Make sure you come back in a fortnight for I is for.....

Sons, Sand & Sauvignon
  1. Thanks love reading your A -Z of autism

  2. I think maybe I'd add 'hidden' (as in hidden disability) considering all the surprise I get any time I mention Tyger's ASD.

    I did laugh at the 'hair' one because I attempted to cut Tyger's hair yesterday and it's ended up a mess because he wouldn't sit still!

    Also, the 'hyper/hypo' after a week of one boy completely over reacting to the slightest injury and the other totally under reacting to big knocks and nasty scrapes.


  3. Great as always lovely! I would probably add helpess, not always but there are certainly times when I feel very helpless! Thanks for linking up to #sepctrumsunday I hope you join me again this week xx

  4. I think I would have liked Help to be included :- From the point of view of what helps, who helps etc. As it has been mentioned that many appointments, various departments etc.

    Rachel Craig


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