Slimming World Beef and Bean Hotpot

This is the perfect 1 dish meal that you can prep and just pop in the oven when ready. Now I am studying and doing my placement I am relying more on 1 dish meals. I can prep this and leave it in the fridge for Dave to pop in the oven at tea time.
500g of diced beef
4 carrots
2 large potatoes
1 onion
1 tin of baked beans
2tsp Worcestershire sauce
200ml beef stock
First step is to prep all your vegetables
Slice onions and carrots into bite size pieces
Cut potatoes into slices
Add the beef, onions, carrots, baked beans, Worcestershire sauce and stock to the dish and mix well
Lay the sliced potatoes over the top of the dish
Cook for 90 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked and tender
Optional choice if you have your healthy extra is top with cheese
Cook until golden
  1. We love a beef hotpot but use peas instead of baked beans mainly because our eldest daughter doesn't like baked beans

  2. This is so easy - no precooking etc. I like it.

  3. This looks so good - and so easy too! I love one-pot meals too, saves a lot of time when you have a busy day

  4. looks really tasty and very simple to make

  5. Looks delicious and easy enough to make. Will give this a try sometime soon.

  6. Beef hotpot is so homely and this recipe looks delicious

  7. Looks so easy and I bet tastes amazing and great you can eat and not feel guilty :)

  8. This looks really scrumptious! The perfect comfort food for cold winter weather and fits in with Slimming World too!


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