Pizza Express Spring/Summer Menu Review

On Wednesday myself and Dave had a very rare treat, a midday lunch date! Time together away from the children is quite rare. I had the lovely opportunity to go into my local Pizza Express and try out the new Spring/Summer menu, so I booked a lunchtime table on a day we are both available.
Our local Pizza Express is in Cheadle, the restaurant has a large window running the length of the restaurant, so it is really light and airy. The decor is a mixture f blue, red and wood and it flows really nicely. The tables are well set out, so you don't feel too close to the people next to you. We were greeted by George as soon as we entered and were given a choice of table. He promptly seated and asked if we would like to order a drink right away or have some time to look at the menu. It was refreshing to be given a choice as usually you are asked if you want a drink before you even have your coat off.
We haven't been to Pizza Express before, so we weren't sure what would be on the menu, you would presume it is all pizza... but you would be wrong. They do obviously serve pizza, but also risotto, pasta and salad dishes. They also offer the piccolo menu for little ones and the leggera dishes for a lighter bite, so you are sure to find something you like. We had a good look through the menu and decided on what we wanted, so let's have a look at what we chose.
We went for the classic doughballs, as they came thoroughly recommended. You get a serving of 8 fresh baked doughballs and a decent serving of garlic butter. I am glad we went wth them as they were delicious, just the right amount of crunch on the outside and chewy dough in the centre.
The second starter we chose was 1 of the new dishes, the classic antipasto, this is available as a single starter or a sharing starter. We went for the single serving because we got doughballs, but there was definitely more than enough for us both to share. The dish included Italian meats finnochiona, coppa, Milano salami, spicy Calabrese sausage, olives, marinated aubergine, roasted tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, sweet peppadew peppers and 4 pieces of dough baked with Gran Milano cheese accompanied by garlic butter and persorissa, which is a harissa and tomato dip.
Dave opted for the new Hawaiian pizza from the new dishes, its the first time in 51 years its been on the menu, so we needed to try it. The cheese was still bubbling when it was served. We immediately noticed the lack on pineapple chunks on the pizza, its what you would typically expect to see. We spoke with our waiter George who told us that the pizza is made using a sweet chilli pineapple chutney. The chutney goes perfectly with the salty prosciutto credo, red onion, galirc oil, Gran Milano cheese and mozzarella. A hawaiian is Daves favourite ever pizza flavour and he said this was definitely the best he has had. I have to agree, Im not a fan of pineapple on pizza, but the chutney was amazing.
I was really torn between the caesar salad and lasagna, as I had a caesar salad last time I ate out, so I went with the lasagna. It was definitely the best choice, its was served in a deep pot dish, the cheese still bubbling away on the top. The bolognese sauce was amazing and the you get plenty of it. It was cooked to perfection.
I have only ever had polenta chips once before and I loved them, Dave has never had them, so I ordered some for him to try. They are baked polenta chips with rosemary and finished with Gran Milano cheese, they come with a honey and mustard dip. I love the dip it compliments the chips really well.
The choice of desserts was amazing, I went with the honeycomb slice, I love honeycomb so knew it was the dessert for me. It has pieces of honeycomb and chocolate pieces in a light cream topping on a salted caramel and biscuit base. You have the choice of cream, mascarpone or gelato on the side. It was a really good sized portion and it was really tasty, the gelato it was served with was soo creamy.
Another of the new menu items is this passionfruit mess, billed as a tropical twist on a traditional Eton mess. As it was placed on the table I could smell the zinginess of the passionfruit. On a biscuit base is a fab bright yellow colour passionfruit centre and on top is pieces of meringue. I just had to steal a taste and it was lovely, so light and fluffy, but a lovely zingy taste. It was the perfect end to our meal.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Pizza Express experience, our waiter George was lovely, he made sure we had everything we needed without being too intrusive. Our food was served quickly and all cooked fresh, I really liked that our cutlery and napkins were changed between every course. I have been to so many establishments who leave you with the same dirty napkin throughout your whole meal. We will definitely be returning to try our more of the menu.
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* Our bill was paid for in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my experience or opinions of the food our service we received.

  1. now I am hungry :)

  2. The food looks amazing! I am so hungry now.
    It sounds like you had a lovely time x

  3. I haven't been to pizza express for years and the food looks even better now, thanks for the review x

  4. Haven't been there in a long time - those doughballs are addictive!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory15 May 2016 at 18:33

    Love Pizza Express - They do a lovely American Hot pizza!

  6. Yummy yummy
    Making me so hungry
    Looks delicious

  7. the antipasto looks lovely, i dont normally get starters

  8. Yum this all looks delicious I've not been to Pizza Express for ages I'll definitely have to pay my local a visit


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