Goodyear Driving Academy App Review

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from Goodyear seeking bloggers to try out their app and cardboard VR headset and I knew I had to reply as my boys wouldn't forgive me if I didn't. This weekend we had lots of fun with the Goodyear Driving Academy App and the cardboard VR headset.
The headset is really easy to use, it all fastens with velcro and has the instructions printed on the inside of the foldout flap. It even had the website for the game printed on the inside of the headset, Mr L couldn't wait to get going and have a go.
Once you type the website address into your phone you have the option of going straight to the game, view the leaderboard or take the quiz. We of course went straight to the game, you have the option of a countryside, town or city and then the option of playing with the headset or without. So even if you don't have a headset you can still go online and have a go. At the end of your chosen course it gives you a score of how well or how bad you have done.
We have all had a go and we have enjoyed seeing who can get the best score. I don't currently drive at all and I noticed whilst playing how distracting the mobile phone ringing in the app was, it drives me batty and I couldn't help looking at the phone, this obviously meant I wasn't looking at the road. Mr L was our chief tester and he has loved testing out this game and loves the headset. It's a great tool for learning about road safety and learning the highway code. Make sure you go over to the website and have a go yourself.
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*I was sent the headset foc for an honest opinion
  1. Great review. Such an innovative idea, we'll definitely check it out!

  2. Going to have a look at this
    Sounds fun
    Not sure what kind of score I'll get x

  3. Pam Francis Gregory9 June 2016 at 08:22

    Looks like fantastic fun & educational too!


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