Frenzy 145mm Recreational Scooter Review

As part of our Fathers Day Gift guide we have been sent a fab adults scooter for review, because scooters aren't just for kids! A scooter is the perfect way for a busy Dad to get around, whether it's school run or the before work commute.
The Frenzy 145mm Recreational Scooter from is incredibly compact and folds down for ease of storage, it's also really light weight and comes with a handy carry strap. It's perfect for the morning commute and you can literally throw it on your shoulder and jump on the bus, train or tube. It's a nifty piece of kit for £69.95.
It's an extremely well made and sturdy scooter that is absolutely packed with features
  • Adjustable bars
  • easy fold system
  • oversized metal fender brake
  • 145mm wheels
  • carry strap
  • kick stand
  • supports weight up to 100kg
  • maximum bar height 97.5cm
I think the favourite features for us is the fact that the scooter is free standing, it's foldable for easy storage and we also love the carry strap. The frame is made from good quality metal and the moulded fixing are securely fastened. The whole frame is matt black and the metallic blue accents make it really stand out, all the smaller fixings such as screws and bolts are silver. It's all very beautifully colour coordinated, not that the men will care, but I do!
Dave has been giving it a good test out, he tells me it is a really smooth ride. We found the folding mechanism a bit stiff at first, but that has got easier with use. The sturdy rubber wheels provide the perfect ride whether you're on tarmac or concrete. He has actually used it every day for the school run and it's cut the time in half. We found with the handle bars on the lowest setting it was the perfect size for our 9-year-old, now he knows this I'm not sure how much time Dave will get on it in future. To give you a little more insight and a closer look I made a clip for our Youtube channel, which you can see below.

Thanks For Reading
*I was sent this scooter for the purpose of an honest review

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