Bing 4 Shaped Puzzle Review

Mr C loves puzzles and one of his favourite tv programmes is still Bing, so he was really happy when we got a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle set to review from Ravensburger
A colourful set of 4 puzzles, each showing Bing Bunny and his friends Flop, Pando, Charlie, Padget, Sula, Coca and Amma in different scenes. Each puzzle has been carefully designed to ensure plenty of colour, detail and visual clues to help children develop their jigsaw building skills. The set can be used with mixed abilities or age groups as the sets go up in pieces, so more pieces for higher ability. The set includes a 12, 16, 20 and 24 piece puzzle, each measuring 19 x 14cm when complete.
We are familiar with Ravensburger puzzles and have lots in our games cupboard. I love how well made they are and they last a long time. All the puzzles are made with really good quality card, which means the pieces don't bend easily. A great feature when you have 4 children arguing over them! I also like that the 4 puzzle are all made up of a different number of pieces, so the children can work their way up. The 4 puzzle have different colour backgrounds, this made it easy for the children to sort the pieces into piles ready for play.
Mr C who is aged 5 really enjoyed these puzzle and easily managed to build the 12 piece puzzle within a few minutes. He took a bit longer for the larger piece puzzles, but with a little practice cracked it.
We would definitely recommend this puzzle, it's a great price and really good quality. It will be a great gift for nay puzzler of Bing Bunny Fan
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  1. Love these puzzles
    Certainly do last a long time

  2. Pam Francis Gregory21 May 2016 at 12:06

    Love jigsaws!

  3. Useful review. Thank you! I always like to know if the puzzle pieces and box are both sturdy as little people can so easily damage them.


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