Bathtime Fun With Crazysoap

So bath night, it happens every other day in our house and is usually met with moans of I don't want a bath, what is is with kids wanting to be covered in dirt all the time!! But everyone needs to have a bath don't they, so why not make bath times fun? We have been sent some of the Crazysoap range to try out with the children.
First off I am going to tell you about the colour changing bubble bath, which comes in a 300ml bottle. Its is very mild, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. It also has a cute foam hippo on the lid which is great for playing with in the bath!
The children think its magic, its orange in the bottle and as soon as its hits the water it starts changing colour. It changes from bright orange to green, there are plenty of bubbles as well. It has a really nice fragrance and smells really clean and fresh. The children were really pleased with the level of bubbles in the tub!
The gang couldn't wait t get in and try out the foam soap, they come in lots of different colours and like the bubble bath are all mild, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. They come in an aersol container wth a push down cap. Mr C found it a bit tricky to get to soap out himself, but Miss S had no problems.
You can literally make mountains in the bath with it and believe me the children did!! It doesn't just disappear either when it hits the water. You can mould it, shape it and even throw it, my gang got a little carried away and the tub was full of it. It smelled gorgeous though and so did their skin. It even cleaned off all the dirt on Mr C's mucky face! I noticed how soft the children skin was when I got them dressed and they smelled beautiful. It no different to our usual brand of body wash we clean the children with, but it's just so much more fun.

We loved having fun with Crazysoap, it's certainly made bath time more fun and the children literally jump in the bath. Crazysoap foam retails at just £2 per bottle and the colour changing bubble bath is just £2.50, so they're a fab price.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above items FOC for the purpose of an honest review.

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