A Trip To The Specialist Dentist

Today was our very anticipated visit to the specialist dentist with Miss S, our last visit there included lots of screaming and no sitting in the chair. We ended up in hospital under a general anaesthetic and a tooth extraction. Its safe to say after her first visit, she is anxious about dentist. We knew this appointment was coming up so had a contingency plan in place for the visit. I met with her school and they made her up some timelines for hr, so she had a visual representation of what the visit would entail.
She has been looking at the chart since it came home and she knew the step by step process before we even got to the appointment. She has been reciting it out loud to herself, it definitely has made her feel less anxious about going. Obviously a reward always goes down really well and the fact it doesn't say what the surprise is means there is an element of anticipation for her and the end.
We even had a little chart made up for he to take, which shows her the rules of what expected of her when she is at the dentist. She brought this on the school run and happily shouted to everyone we went passed that she was going to the dentist.
You can see from the above picture how relaxed she was in the waiting area, it's such a difference compared to last time we came. That trip was awful for both of us and resulted in a trip to the hospital for sedation. We see a specialist dentist who is experienced in dealing with children with SEN. Miss S showed him her chart and got into the chair before she was even asked.
She chose herself a pair of sunglasse and lay back with her chart, The dentist was great with her, explaining everything he was doing and waiting if hse got anxious. We started counting her teeth and seeing what needed doing. She has a tooth with a large hole in and I was sure it would mean another GA and extraction, but the dentist says he can save her tooth.
He even managed to persuade her to have a little polish when he had finished. He was fine to let her hold the instrument herself. I was so impressed with her, toothbrushing is a major issue and it's a daily fight to get her to brush. I think she liked the vibration, so I am debating getting her own little electric toothbrush. She generally doesn't like the feeling of things in her mouth, she doesn't like when the toothpaste foams and her doesn't like the taste. We know from the last visit that all the silly tasting children's toothpaste doesn't have enough fluoride in for her, so we have to use adult toothpaste. If you know of a mild tasting, low foam toothpaste do let me know. We have another appointment booked for in a few weeks time and we are going to progress to the next level, which is painting a coating on her back teeth to protect them, then move on again from there. I am so proud of her and she was chuffed to bits with her Frozen sticker!
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  1. Sounds great
    Love to visit a specialist dentist with my neice who is petrified

  2. I am lucky that my son doesn't mind visiting the actual dentist but he had already one filling and has a coating on his front teeth every 3 months to protect them he has spd, tooth brushing used to be s utter nightmare and of course you can tell that by the above treatments he's had but he's getting better, hates it, shakes his head spasms it's horrid isn't it such a battle for the s all eat thing and I've felt awful about his teeth but in reality I know I'm doing my best what a great dentist you have and a brave girl! I hate going myself!x

  3. That's absolutely brilliant! She did so well, it looks like all your preparation work really paid off. It's great that you can see a dentist who is used to looking after children with SEN.
    Popping over from SS Amazing Achievements :)

  4. awww pleased it all went ok. i hate the dentist too so i know how anxious it can be. my boy hates the dentist and refuses to open his mouth. he is two so im sure we have time to convince him its "OK" :/ #SSAmazingAchievements

  5. I love that there are dentists that take the time with children; my son hated the dentist as he has a sight problem and found it frightening.

  6. Well done to your fab dentist, so fantastic to read that there are professionals willing to take the time that SN children need. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements


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