Zootropolis Judy's Police Vehicle Review

You may have seen the images on my social media of the lovely Zootropolis toys we were sent for review from Tomy. If you didn't, then we were sent 3 of the toys from the range and the children have been busy trying them out over the past week or so. 
I am going to be sharing the details of each toy individually and I am running a giveaway to win all 3 toys in the range soon. The 2nd toy I am going to be sharing with you is Judy's Police Cruiser, priced at £22.99 and suitable for ages 3 and up.
Take a ride around Disney's Zootropolis, a city nothing you've ever seen be-fur! No-nonsense bunny cop Judy Hopps climbs aboard her armoured police vehicle, ready to intercept troublemakers of all shapes and sizes! 
The car is a really nice size and made out of good quality plastic, no batteries are required which is always a positive for us parents. The car offers a good chance for some imaginative play. The roof lifts up to expose the inside of the car, which has 2 seats and a steering wheel. Officer Judy has poseable arms and legs so she can be sat inside behind the wheel. The boot of the car also opens and inside is a pull-up jail cell to put the bad guys inside. The car is self-propelled, so when the child pushes the car it moves, the lights on the front of the car light up when you push it, so great for some cause and effect play.
Mr C who was a big fan of the movie was overjoyed with this vehicle. It was lovely to watch him pushing it around. He was chatting away to himself and putting the mouse into the jail cell. He was easily able to open the doors and pull the jail cell up and down, he loves this toy and I'm sure it will be well played with. We made a video for our Youtube channel for all 3 of the toys, take a look.
The 3rd toy review will be up on the blog on Wednesday and the giveaway to win all 3 of the toys will be live on the blog on Friday, so stay tuned.
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