The Clangers Magazine Review

My gang love a magazine, they cost me small fortune in them whenever we go to the shops. But, in all honesty we don't mind spending the money as most of the magazines for children have a great educational angle to them. The new Clangers Magazine is out today and its jam packed full of lots of things to make and do all with an educational vibe to them, so your little ones will think they are having fun but learning at the same time!
We thought as its a magazine it would be good to make a video so you can see the activities. Have a look at our Youtube video which tells you all about the contents and what Mr.C thought of it.
Mr.C loves The Clangers so has really engaged with this magazine. He really enjoyed completing all the activities. It focuses and extends on the things he has been learning at school. He is a confident reader and writer so he found it really easy to read the instructions to complete each of the different activities. He really liked the bumper sticker section in the centre. Usually the magazine gets cast aside after about 10 minutes, but Mr.C sat with this and went cover to cover completing each activity. He really loved the whistle and Clanger on the front of the magazine. 
The Magazine is in newsagents today, so be quick and get your copy while stocks last. The magazine costs £2.85 which is less than I spend on a coffee each day, so I think its a great price for some sneaky educational fun.
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  1. Great for learning and fun
    I love this magazine as do my nephews

  2. I loved the Clangers when I was younger and now my youngest Daughter enjoys them and this magazine looks great

  3. I must get this, if not just for the whistle on the front!

  4. Oh, yes, that is a great price for the magazine. Thanks for the review!


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