Say Hello to Honey

If you follow me on social media then you may have seen some of my uploads of our little dog Honey. We have gone back and to with the decision to get a dog for a few years now. We have read a lot about the therapeutic benefits of dogs for children on the spectrum. We looked at service dogs but you are looking at thousands for one that is fully trained. Dave has been brought up around dogs, so he was confident he could get a puppy trained no problem. So we decided to get a puppy, we didn't really have a breed in mind, we just wanted a medium sized short haired dog.
I started my search and after about a month I stumbled on an advert for 7 puggle puppies, the advert was a few weeks old and we didn't even know if there would be any pups left. I gave them a call and they said there was 1 pup unreserved and it was female. I immediately reserved her and went down the same day to see her, I fell in love instantly.
Taking on a puppy when you have your hands already full is no mean feat, but we were thinking of the benefits this bundle of fluff would bring to our family dynamic. Mr D has issues with his temper, he struggles to keep control of himself in situations he has no control over and gets frustrated. We noticed what level calm comes over him every time my Dad visits with his dog. He would sit the whole time stroking the dog and the change in him was unbelievable.
We decided to name our puggle Honey, it just kind of suited her when I picked her up and I decided upon her name on the way home with her. She has settled in really well and it's like she has always been here and the children all love her. True to his word Dave has been training her, she will now sit on command and will recall from the garden if you whistle her a certain way. She walks beautifully on her lead and her accidents have been very limited. She has been using her puppy pads since day 1 and now she is all microchipped and vaccinated she will go outside. I am still not confident to let her off her lead outdoors, she's still only 4 months old and we would like to work more on her recall before we do that.
As predicted, Honey has had the biggest impact on Mr D, he is like a different boy. Even in hs biggest rages one glance in Honey's direction he instantly calms down. Honey seems to have some sense of his mood to, whenever he sits down she will perch herself next to him and if he started raising his voice she will lick his face or nudge his hand. She is a lovely affectionate dog and we definitely made the right breed choice, she won't get any bigger than a large Jack Russell. She has a really playful temperament and love cuddles, she is now a fully fledged addition to the Raising The Rainbows house, its like she's always been here.
Thanks For Reading
  1. Aww how cute is Honey, glad to see that she has settled well with her new family

  2. It's great that Honey is already having a positive effect. Superb.

  3. Congratulations on your new addition to your family, Honey is gorgeous!

  4. She is beautiful. I'm so pleased to read that she is having a positive impact on your lives xx

  5. Honey is so cute, that little face, she looks so loving :)

  6. Oh, my! How utterly gorgeous! Wishing you all many happy years together.


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