Gtech HT05-Plus Extendable Hedge Trimmer Review

Now the cold is fading and we are starting to get some sunnier spells my attention has turned to the post-winter jungle! We have a decent sized back garden and it's securely fenced in on all sides to stop the monkeys escaping. Our problem is the hedges that are behind the fence, when the fence was erected the council (who own the house) wouldn't remove the hedges as it is against their green policy, so they plonked the fence in front of them. This means we have a lovely 5-foot fence with hedges poking up over the top, trimming these has been difficult and included Dave wobbling on top of a step ladder or up turned bin which isn't very safe. I had been looking online at extendable hedge trimmers and found the Gtech HT05-Plus and they looked perfect for the job.
The Gtech HT05 Plus is ultra lightweight at only 1.7kg, so even for me who has really poor arm strength using them will be easy. The main benefit for us is the long reach high performance, the HT05 has an extendable reach of 1.7 metres, these enable you to trim hedges as high as 10ft tall. The high performance 14.4v motor makes quick work of hedges and cuts through them with ease. The trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gives you 45 minutes run time from a 3-hour charge. The fact its cordless means there is no chance of accidentally cutting through your cord when you are trimming the hedges. The adjustable head can be angled up to 120 degrees just by the push of a button. This makes it easy to angle your head to cut down low or tops of hedges. The HT05 is easy and safe to operate, with a one-handed trigger and a safety switch to prevent accidental powering up.
The hubby was the one who put the trimmer to the test and he loves it. The trimmer has certainly made a difficult job a doddle. He was able to whizz over the hedges in about 5 minutes and the trimmer went through with ease. The head was easy to adjust and angle to get the various lengths of hedges that have popped up over the winter months. We made a clip for our Youtube channel to show how it works.
As you can see the HT05 makes an easy job of our all hedges and it is really simple and easy to use. The Gtech HT05 Plus is priced at £99.99 over at the Gtech Website, they also do a combo deal where you can get the hedge trimmer and the ST05 for a price of just £169.90.
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*I was sent the HT05 for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. Sounds like a man job. The charging time is quite long for 45 minutes.

  2. Like the idea of this but I'm yet to find one that can cut thick branches

  3. I know you don't like the hedge but think of all the little birdies nesting in it now. The hedge trimmer looks like it's good.


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