Crazy Cafe Game Review

The guys over at Tactic Games have sent us the really fun game Crazy Cafe. We love to play games together as a family. When I saw this one I knew the boys were going to love it, the game is available to buy from Amazon priced at £14.95.
Crazy Cafe is a fast-paced game of skill and fun that is suitable for ages 3+ and for 2 or more players. The box includes 14 items to place on the table, a table cloth and a spinner. You use the bottom on the game box as your play area. It's really simple game to play, you take turns to spin the spinner and do as it says. There are 6 possibilities, stack 1, stack 2, place 1, place 2, take 1 and pull. The aim of the game is to be the first person to pull the table cloth of the table 3 times. I think the game is good value for money, the pots and pans are all well made from sturdy plastic.
As I predicted the boys absolutely loved this game, they played it 3 times in a row. They were both able to use the spinner and enjoyed playing. The liked the challenge of having to stack items on top of each other and being able to remove each other's pieces off the table. The game can go on for quite a while before you get the opportunity to pull the cloth, but that all depends on how the spinner is feeling. The boys were on pins waiting for their chance to pull the cloth. We recorded a little video for our Youtube channel showing how the game works.
Its definitely going to be a well played game in our house and I cant see it being in the toy cupboard for very long. If you want to get your own game then head over to amazon and you can buy Crazy Cafe for £14.99.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the game for the purpose of an honest review.

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