Clean 13 Toothbrush Review

Its is recommended that you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months, although I change mine a lot more than this. I probably spend about £36 a year on toothbrushes, so when I was offered the chance to reviews the 13 Clean Toothbrush from Toilet Tree Products I jumped at the chance.
13 Clean retails at £14.99 and is a toothbrush which comes with interchangeable heads, the kit comes with one starter head and 12 replaceable heads, each marked with the month of the year. So you get 13 months of toothbrush use.
Each of the heads has the month of the year printed on them, so you will never forget when to change the head. The ability to change the head each month really appeals to me, I love a fresh toothbrush and now I can get it each month without having to spend £3 on a new toothbrush.
The kit also comes with a rather cool looking pyramid stand that your toothbrush stands in, so no more standing in a grimy glass standing in a glass with everyone else's. The pyramid also doubles up as a storage for the extra heads you get for each month.
The bristles are nice and soft, which I love as I have really sensitive gums, and the brush handle is angled nicely for a comfy grip. The head is really easy to change, you just pull the head and it pops off, the brush also comes with a handy head over which is perfect for travel.
You can also get this cool set up in blue and my boys are already asking for one, as they love Mummys multi-head toothbrush. This toothbrush cost only £15 which is half of what I would spend on my toothbrush of choice over a year. So for me it's a great saving and I love it.
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  1. What a great idea always forgetting when I last changed my brush -great for sensitive teeth too

  2. I really like the stand as well as the monthly tooth brush heads.

  3. this is a good idea , stops having to keep purchasing a new brush :)

  4. Useful review and intro to the product. Thank you.


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