U Hugs Doll Review

Miss S has a big love for dolls at the moment, but unfortunately, she refuses to leave any of the accessories on them. She loves to take their shoes off, clothes and any other attachments they have on them. This week we got the perfect thing that meets her doll requirement and the ability to be able to take all the bits and pieces off.
The U Hugs range is of collectable doll characters, the range included 6 dolls all with their own unique names. The dolls allow your child to choose a doll to match their personality and express their style. Once you have chosen your U Hug that matches your style you can then build your collection. Each doll is made from lovely soft plastic. Your doll comes with 12 unique pins to get you started and you put these into the soft holes in her body. Each doll retails at £14.99.
The Screamy Queen U Hug is a cool minty blue colour and has bright pink hair with a cool black hat on the side. She wears a funky cape and has her own wand in her hand, even here shoes are pretty funky. All if her accessories come off and you can reposition them anywhere you want to.
The Sassy Fashion U Hug doll is quite the fashionista, with her huge oversized sunglasses she definitely gets your attention. Her shoes are reversible so she has 2 looks in just 1 pair of shoes, she has a funky handbag and a really cute bunny mobile phone. All of the U Hug dolls have a compartment on their back where you can store their accessories when not in use.
Miss S really liked these and we will definitely be expanding our collection, she particularly liked that the dolls body parts came off as well as the accessories. This means you can also swap the dolls heads and arms to truly unique your U Hug. I also created a little demo video for our Youtube channel which you can see below. Make sure you check out the U Hugs Youtube Channel also, its fab!

*I was sent the above products in exchange for an honest review
  1. Mt neice would love to have one of these
    Thankyou for the great review


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