Toileting and continence needs and Autism

Miss S is now almost nearly 8 years old and yet toileting full time still seems like a million miles away for her. She attends an amazing specialist school who have tried lots of resources to help with toileting. She is still really hit and miss, you can leave her in underwear all day and she will hold onto her toileting needs until she is put into a nappy to go home on the school bus. The same thing can be said for at home too, we can leave her all day and her just hold onto her wee. The fear seems to be in letting it go so we are constantly thinking of new things to try. She also has bowel issues which means she cannot control when she goes, so nappies are still an essential part of our lives.
I never thought that I would still be changing nappies when my youngest child is 5 years and I definitely didnt think I would still be changing my 8 nearly 8-year-olds nappies. The problem is most brands  nappies only go up to a size 6, which when you're 8 just don't cut the mustard, they are just too small. Most areas have a continence team to refer you to, who can help with your needs no matter how big your child is. It is usually Hartmann Direct who will deal with your needs and they supply nappies and incontinence aides from child right they way up to adult sizes.
We now have a regular delivery from them every 3 months and the difference this had made is amazing, the worry of finding the bigger sizes can be a nightmare. We now have peace of mind that no matter how big Miss S gets we will always be able to get something to keep her dry and comfortable.
We currently use the Mollicare soft extra in a medium size. Unlike traditional nappies which go by weight Mollicare go by hip size, so it's really easy to find out which size you will require for your child. We have only just switched to the medium size, Miss S was in the small size for about 18 months to give you an idea of the actual size.
The  main worry I had as a parent was that people would be able to see that she is wearing a nappy, not for vanity reason, but I don't want her to feel uncomforatble or self conscious. But even though the nappies are obviously much bigger that the norm they aren't any thicker, so they are very discreet.
They are suitable for severe incontinence so are suitable for even the heaviest wetter. The side panels are non-woven so they let the skin breathe and they have an internal leg cuff to stop leaks. I like that they have dual fastening, they are quite a lot larger than standard so the double fastening means you know they are secure, the tabs are also resealable. Obviously when our child is older their urine smells a lot stronger but these have a built in odour neutralizer and even a wetness indicator.
For as long as Miss S has used Mollicare we have never had a problem with them, they don't leak, she doesn't get sore and they do an all round good job. You know you can have confiindence in a product when it's used by hospitals and nursing homes. You can see all the products Hartmann offer via the clickable link above.
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  1. These look great and fit for purpose
    Thankyou for the review

  2. it's so good that nowadays there are products to handle these issues. When I was 13, in the early 70s, a girl in our class had bladder problems. The only product available for her to use was Dr Whites sanitary napkins, those were the old-fashioned, very thick pads that came with loops either end that you had to wear with an elastic belt. They leaked and had no odour control. She smelt of urine which was embarrassing for her and unpleasant for everyone else. On top of that, she had to contend with teachers humiliating her (not much compassion back then), and girls teasing her. Thanks heavens your girl is growing up in more enlightened times.


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