The Bissell Vac & Steam Review

When you're a parent cleaning becomes a bit of a nightmare, it's the job that you have to fit in around everything else in your packed day. Throughout my home I have wood flooring, which is great for ease of clean but it doesn't end to show up the marks even more than carpet. It can be a pain to keep clean, first the sweeping, then the mopping and waiting for it to dry. I wanted something that could do all these things in 1 to save me having a brush, mop and a hoover, step in the amazing Bissell Vac & Steam rrp £149.99. The Vac & Steam combines the power of a cyclonic vacuum and a steam mop in one machine. Now I have always wanted a steam mop and I absolutely hate my really old heavy vacuum cleaner. I do need both though as the whole downstairs of the house is wood floors, as well as the 2 large bedrooms, but the stairs and landing and box room are all carpeted. We now also have a puppy so the ability to clean up any mess she creates quickly is essential. I was really impressed when the machine arrived that there was very little assembly required. I just had to click the head onto the machine and it was ready to use right away. I'm never very good with electrical building, give me flat pack furniture any day!!
The Vac & Steam is really easy to operate with the digital touch buttons on the handle. The beauty of this machine is you can use it as a vacuum, a steam mop or both at the same time. This was a particular feature that intrigued me. I was unsure how it could suck up dust as well as steam at the same time. The answer is in the base plate. You can see on the image above the red dust brushes either side, there is a long one of these running the length of the vacuum. This means the dust hits the collection hole before the steam mop part of the pad. It's genius really, the side brushes are great for picking up dust in the corners too.
I really like the adjustable handle, it's perfect for switching between myself and the hubby use it. It's really easy to operate, you just pull the black handle and pull the handle up or down. The handle can be pushed right inside the machine for ease of storage, it makes it really compact.
The water fill is on the back of the machine and it comes with a handy jug for ease of filling. You just pull the water collection port down and it exposes the collection hole. It only takes to jugs to fill the machine for use, which is about 400ml. This is plenty of water to do the whole house, I have not had to refill it yet while using it. The trigger for activating the steam in the mop is on the top of the handle. When you press it you can hear some knocking at first, this is completely normal and just the water getting through the pipes.
The dust collection has a really large capacity and the filters are completely removable for ease of cleaning. The vacuum has a powerful 1600 watt motor and has the capacity to collect just under a litre of dust before you need to empty it. I decided to do a Youtube video for our channel, it's great for showing you the machine in use and a close up look of the elements that it takes make up the machine.

I think you may agree that it's pretty impressive machine. I think my favourite feature is the ability to go from carpet to hard floor with just the push if a digital switch. I also love the ability to vac and steam my hard floors at the same time. The unit retails at £149.99 which I think is a good price when you think you are getting 2 machines for the price of 1. The whole unit is really light it only weighs 4.4kg and has an impressive cord length of 7.6 metres.
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*I was provided with the Vac and Steam for the purpose of an honest unbiased review.

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