Snackeez Drink Cup Review

Having 4 children in the house means I have a whole multitude of cups lying around the house. Now Mr D loves to have a little snack when he comes in from school, this means dirtying a plate as he only eats off a plate, which equals more washing for Mummy. 
Snackeez is the All in One, Go Anywhere, Snacking Solution! A 2 in 1 drinks cup and food dispenser, that allows you to hold your snack AND your drink in one hand! Bright and fun and perfectly sealed means that there is no more mess. They are available for £9.99 from the Character Online Website, they are suitable for ages 3+, we got a blue cup but they are also available in orange and purple.
The cup features 2 compartments a flip top container for your snacks and a drink cup with straw for your drink. The snack compartment and drink compartment are completely separate so you aren't going to end up with soggy snacks. The snack compartment is a really good size and fits in snacks big and small
The cup has a handy colourful grip around the middle which makes it easy for Mr D to hold onto. I can see how this would be handy for me, I go to the gym 3 times a week and it would be great for me to store some healthy snacks inside for fuel after my workout. 
We love the Snackeez cup and I know it's going to be used a lot by all of us, that is if we can get it off Mr C so we can have a go. I think the price is fair as it seems really robust and well made, it's been dropped a few times and is still in 1 piece and not a crack in sight. 
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purpose of an honest review
  1. Wow these look great to avoid lots of mess perfect for my nephew
    Builds confidence


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