Slimming World Weigh In Week 33

There was no update from me last week as I didn't make it to group due to an appointment. I hadn't been particularly good the previous week either so knew it would have been a gain if I made it anyway. According to my doctors scale that I was weighed in on I had gained 3lbs, but I know that all scales are different, so didn't pay much attention. Fast forward to this week, I hadn't been very good at all last week, I had a cheeky takeaway and a few treats as well. On top of this I was also on holiday from Thursday until Monday and ate and drank lots!! I was celebrating our anniversary though so I know I was going to be off plan. We had a lovely weekend, with lots of alcohol, a couple of lie-ins and a fab days in Blackpool. I got back Monday afternoon just before weigh in and headed straight there.
I was quite surprised with the result, I thought it would have been more after 2 weeks off plan. so I am thankful for a small gain. I'm straight back on plan now and planned a few speed days to boost this weeks weight loss. I have set a target of 4lbs this week as I would love to get the gain off straight away. I have lost 4lbs in a week before so I know I can do it if I stick to plan.
Start Weight - 20 stone 5lbs
Current Weight - 17st 13lbs
Target Weight - 16 stone (interim target)
This Weeks Result - 4lbs gain
Total Weight Loss - 2 stone 6lbs
This Weeks Goal -  4lbs loss
  1. You have a great attitude - falling (or jumping !) off the wagon every now and then is part of life and the odd gain now and then is all par from the course. Fingers crossed it will come back off as quickly as it went on and you can carry on on your downward slope :)

  2. Great to see you are not giving up-perseverance will see you reaching your goal

  3. Nice post, good luck on your journey! :)


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