Pet Parade Play Garden Review

Towards the end of last year we reviewed the Pets Parade Playset, the children loved it and still play with it lots today. The range has now been extended and we have now been sent the Play Garden set for review. Pet Parade is a range of cute and realistic puppy & kitten breeds with a series of accessories and playsets – perfect for pet-loving children to collect and interact with. When attached to their special lead, or using the joystick button on their back, each puppy/kitten can then be made to walk realistically, with moving eyes, wagging tails and even picking up their wool ball! You can customise your pet's name tag and if that’s not enough, there’s even an online Pet Club that they can join.
The Pet Parade Play Garden retails at £25. It allows you to train your kitten to go through the cat flap, chase the mice and pounce at the bird. Your little kitty can then have some fun rummaging through the bins and let your kitten watch the fish! You can feed your kitten after a busy day playing, then put them on their bed where they can take a nap. 
The set required minimal setup, so it's ready to play with almost immediately. My initial thought are you don't get much for your money. It's quite a small set for £25, but having already got some of the range I can vouch for the fact its extremely well made. Our puppy set has been bashed about and still looks good as new still. What I love about the sets is that there are no stickers on them, the branding is all permanent, my children are terrible for peeling stickers off things.
Mr C who is a big fan of our puppy set was overjoyed when he saw the kitten garden playset. He found the set really easy to play with. All the activities for the kitty are operated by magnets on the end of the pet's nose and on the activity you want kitty to do. Its a great little set for some imaginative and interactive play and Mr C played with it for a good while before he got bored, it then came  into the hands of Miss S who took a shine to the Kitty.
It's a lovely set but I do think its highly priced for what it is, but as I said it is of exceptional quality which may balance the cost for you. It's made a nice addition to our Pets Parade collection and will be well played with. We made a video for our YouTube channel which you can see below.

If you go over to the Pets Parade Youtube Channel you can see the first 4 webisodes in the Pets Parade adventures.
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*I was sent the playset for the purpose of an honest review.

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