Jelly Stickers from John Adams #NationalCraftMonth

We love a bit of art and crafts, we spend a lot of time indoors so it's essential to have something to hand to keep the children busy. During the month of March, you may have seen #NationalCraftMonth around social media. To help celebrate the end of craft month we have been sent a fab set from John Adams Toys.
This little set is available to buy from Amazon priced at £9.99 and is great for some quick low mess fun. The set comes with 4 gel glitter colours and 4 sheets of stickers for you to colour in. It is going to be great to use a little time filler in the holidays. It's the type of item you can get out to fill a few minutes and then put away again.
The 4 colours are all nice pastel shades, you just screw the top of and there is a nozzle that the colour comes out of. You get 4 sheets of stickers and there is plenty of variety to choose from.
You do need to be careful not to squeeze the tube as it makes the colour gloop out, there is a bit of a knack to it I think, but Mr C didn't do bad, he is only 5 and a bit heavy handed. But he did enjoy this activity and he said he liked the bright colours.
Once you have had fun colouring in your stickers you need to leave your designs to dry. The thicker you lay the colours the longer it takes to dry. We had to leave Mr C's creations for about 20 minutes as there were really thick!
When they are dry you can peel them off the sheet and stick them where ever you like. They are great for sticking on windows or other shiny surfaces. They just peel off and you can reapply them to wherever you like. I love this feature of the stickers, Mr C has been enjoying sticking them in my window, wardrobes and even the fridge doorway!
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*We were sent the above set for the purpose of a honest review.
  1. I think this is nice as a little present for someone. Thanks for the review.


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